Saturday, 29 December 2018

What I Got Treated To On Christmas Day

Happy New Year lovelies! I hope that you all had a magical Christmas and New Year filled with pink champagne, sparkles and cosy scented candles. I always really enjoy reading these 'What I Got For Christmas' blog posts as it's so nice to see what everyone else got treated to and it's perfect for gift ideas too. I was totally spoilt with some gorgeous pink pieces from my wishlist this year so I hope that you enjoy reading about them... 

My husband spoilt me with my dream handbag! I'd been wanting to own a Ted Baker handbag for a little while now and although I'd seen lots of beautiful ones, I fell head over heels for this pretty little bow tote bag. I actually purchased it on Black Friday whilst Ted Baker were having a sneaky little discount so I knew that I was getting this but I was still so excited to unwrap it on Christmas morning. It's made from a gorgeous blush pink soft grain leather and has the loveliest rose gold hardware details and a dainty little bow on the front. It's quite small compared to some of my other handbags but I'll be keeping this one for special girly occasions. 

My mum and dad treated me to this beautiful pair of pale pink Ugg boots which just look as if they were made for me! I'd had them on my wishlist for a little while now and I was so pleased to receive them for Christmas as I was in need of a new pair of Uggs. I get so much wear out of them all year round and these ones are a very soft sugary pink complete with a delicate poppy detail which is so pretty and girly. Inside, they have the fluffiest candyfloss pink lining and I can't wait to wear them paired with some pastel knitwear, fluffy scarves and cute bobble hats! 

Disney Pink Glitter Princess Castle Tumbler 
Everything about Disney is so princessy and magical so when I spotted this sparkly pink coffee cup peeking out of my stocking, I was a little excited. I love drinking coffee and I've owned a few different reusable cups before but I've always found that most of them are quite flimsy and they leak really easily too. I'm really excited to use this one as it's covered in pink sparkly glitter that really shimmers when it catches the light and has 'if you need me, I'll be in my castle' written in a cute font on the front with a dainty illustration of Cinderella's castle. I think it will be perfect for having my cappuccinos in if I'm out shopping or for a snowy winter walk! 

Pink Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Set 
In the winter time, I become totally obsessed with drinking hot chocolates so I was really pleased when I received this sweet little set. The mug is a gorgeous pale pink colour with a pretty white love heart print and it's actually a really large size so that you can make a massive indulgent hot chocolate. It comes complete with a little sachet of hot chocolate and a packet of mini white marshmallows so I'm looking forward to drinking this on a cold snowy day! 

Pink Hot Chocolate Spoons Set 
I also got the matching Hot Chocolate Spoons set which I thought was so cute! The packaging is adorable with the little mini white snowflakes and pink love hearts and it has a sweet little pink satin bow. It comes with four chocolate spoons with mini marshmallows in milk, mint, orange and caramel flavours and I can't wait to try them out! 

Too Faced Sugar Cookie Palette 
I'd had my eye on this lovely little limited edition palette from Too Faced as I thought the packaging was sweet and the shades looked lovely, but it never seemed to be in stock anywhere so I was really excited to unwrap it. It's a lovely cream palette decorated with pastel pink and soft brown sugar cookies covered in sprinkles and it has a sugary sweet scent which smells like fresh cookies straight out of the oven. The little palette contains eight lovely neutral shades with a pop of soft pink and I love the look of 'Nom Nom' which is a silvery iridescent glitter, 'Butter & Love' which is a lovely soft cream and 'Cookie Pusher' which is a beautiful mauve pink with a hint of glitter. I was really impressed at how creamy and pigmented the shades are and I'm looking forward to using this little one! 

Too Faced Diamond Light Highlighter 
Another makeup item that I received is this stunning pink Diamond Highlighter from Too Faced that has been on my wishlist for ages! The packaging is beautiful and is made to look like a pretty pink engagement ring box complete with delicate gold detailing and a black satin lining on the inside. The highlighter itself is infused with real crushed diamond powder and light reflecting pearls which makes it so special and unique. It's a gorgeous soft creamy vanilla pearl shade with swirls of pink, blue and champagne which gives a subtle sparkly effect, just like a real diamond! 

SL Miss Glam Princess Vibes Makeup Bag 
I've been wanting to treat myself to something from SL Miss Glam Beauty for ages as I'm obsessed with her girly pink YouTube channel. She is just the sweetest and has two beautiful twin baby girls and loves all things rainbowy, pink and sprinkled with unicorn magic and glitter. I was so excited when I found this gorgeous Princess Vibes makeup bag under my Christmas tree that I may have squealed slightly! It's the perfect shade of pale pink and has 'princess vibes' written across it in a gold script font complete with little love hearts. I'm so impressed with the quality and I'm planning on using it as my everyday makeup bag to keep on top of my dressing table as it's too pretty to hide away. I'd love to collect some of her makeup brush books next and the one I have my eye on is the Pink Princess set! 

The White Company White Christmas Candle 
I mentioned this candle in my Pink Christmas Eve Prettiness blog post as I actually bought it when I took a little festive trip to Edinburgh so it wasn't actually a surprise but my husband popped it away so that I could open it properly on Christmas Day. I love The White Company candles as they always smell beautiful and burn for so long. One of my favourites for this time of the year is Winter which has more of a spicy cinnamon scent whereas this White Christmas one is much fresher with hints of sweet almond blossom, neroli and honeysuckle. I also adore the frosted silver sparkly jar that it comes in which I'm planning on using as decor once I've burned the candle! 

Kikki K Pale Pink Planner
One of my favourite gifts that I received this year is this beautiful soft pale pink leather planner from Kikki K as it's a New Year's resolution of mine to become a little more organised. It's filled with milkshake pink dividers with little sections for 'to do', 'calendar' and even a little 'notes' sticky pad. I've ordered some pretty weekly planner inserts, some adorable paper clips and also some cute stickers so if you would be interested in seeing some of these items, please do let me know! 

Silver Glittery Prosecco Notebook 
The last little item that I have to show you is this sweet silver and white sparkly notebook. I'm not sure where it's from as there doesn't seem to be a brand on it but it's the perfect A5 size which I'm planning on using for notes for my blog post planning. It says 'I'll be there in a prosecco!' which is such a cute quote and it's adorned in little silver sparkles which makes it so princessy! 

What gifts were you spoilt with on Christmas Day? I'd love to see! 


Monday, 24 December 2018

Pink Christmas Eve Prettiness | A Festive Weekend In Edinburgh

Happy Christmas Eve lovelies! I can’t believe that Christmas is tomorrow, I feel like it’s crept up so quickly and I’m getting ridiculously excited now. I love Christmas Eve as I feel like it’s really magical and almost as if there is glitter in the air. I went for a little festive trip to Edinburgh this week so I thought it would be nice to share some of my photos for my last little festive post! 

We visited the Harvey Nichols Chocolate Lounge for some pink champagne and candyfloss cocktails which were the yummiest and I also had a delicious melted chocolate s’mores brownie dessert with gooey marshmallows which was just heavenly! I found this beautiful unicorn stocking from Sass & Belle which is a soft blush pink colour and has a sparkly tinsel mane and little glittery snowflakes, so perfect! 

After that, we took a little wander into some of the pretty shops along Princes Street and George Street to look at all of their lovely Christmassy things. I particularly loved The White Company as their Christmas decorations are always so beautiful and everything is gift wrapped with dainty black bows. Their Baby Pink Cashmere Socks are definitely on my Christmas wishlist as they look so cosy and feel so soft and I decided to treat myself to their White Christmas scented candle which smells of sweet almond blossom, neroli and honeysuckle and comes in the prettiest sparkly silver jar. 

You can’t visit Edinburgh around Christmas time and not have a little visit to their popular Christmas markets. I came across the loveliest little Candy Clouds stall which sold fluffy pink cotton candy, popcorn, marshmallows and little rainbow unicorn lollipops made out of rock which I obviously had to buy! All of the stalls are so quaint and special and we ate yummy Nutella crepes with mini marshmallows and drank Bailey’s hot chocolates under the twinkly fairylights. 

We stayed at The Tigerlily Hotel which is a gorgeous boutique hotel situated on George Street. It has beautiful luxurious decor and the prettiest pink cocktail bar. We had a lovely festive dinner and enjoyed some candy cane gin and vanilla and passionfruit cocktails with prosecco! 

I also took the opportunity to visit the Hotel Chocolat café whilst I was having a little browse as their hot chocolates looked irresistible! I had a hazelnut hot chocolate complete with chocolate whipped cream and a delicate piece of dark chocolate and it was delicious. 
I also popped up a little festive vlog of my trip on my new YouTube channel if you fancy having a little watch. I'm totally new to this so I'd really appreciate your thoughts and hopefully I can do some more soon!

Now, it’s time to get finished wrapping the last of my presents with some pretty snowflake and unicorn glittery pink paper, bake some sugar cookies and get curled up on the sofa with a Bailey’s hot chocolate and watch some Christmas movies. I hope that you all have a magical day tomorrow filled with sugary sweet treats, pretty gifts and cosy times with all of your loved ones. 

Have a lovely Christmas! 


Monday, 17 December 2018

Last Minute Stocking Filler Ideas

For my last gift guide, I decided that I would write a little stocking fillers Christmas post as I love creating these little wishlists! I have tried to include a mixture of items at different price points so some of these suggestions could also make the perfect small gift too... 

What do you think of these ideas? 


Saturday, 15 December 2018

Cosy Winter Pieces For An Enchanting And Sparkly Season

Although autumn is my favourite season, I actually really love winter time too as I adore all of the twinkly fairylights, cosy pink scarves and gloves, cute bobble hats, apple crumbles with custard and snowy woodland walks with a hazelnut latte topped with cream so I thought it would be nice to put together a little blog post with some of my favourite girly essentials for a cosy and sparkly season... 

I love to burn candles all year round but I do find that during winter, a pretty candle can really cheer up a dull room and make it seem all cosy and sparkly. I also love getting snuggled up in the living room with a few scented tealights burning and reading a couple of chapters of my book so I had to include a Yankee Candle in this little blog post. I like most of their wintery and Christmas scents but my favourite is definitely this Snowflake Cookie one. It’s a pale pastel pink colour with a lovely Christmas illustration on the front and it has a sugary sweet icing scent. I would also recommend Snow In Love if you like fresh, icy scents or Christmas Cookie if you like sweet bakery yumminess! 

Swans seem to be everywhere at the moment which I’m very pleased about as I think they look so elegant and dreamy with their fluffy white feathers so when I spotted this hat on Asda's website, I purchased it straightaway. Even though it’s actually from the children’s section (ssssh!), it surprisingly fits me really well and feels really soft and cosy. It’s a beautiful soft wintery pink shade with a ribbed texture at the bottom and a fluffy white pom pom on the top but my favourite part has to be the dainty swan complete with false lashes, pink blush cheeks and a gold sparkly princess crown! 

For me, winter time is all about snuggling up under cosy blankets with a hot chocolate and Disney princess films, so when I came across this beautiful blush pink blanket on the Laura Ashley website, I needed it. I actually managed to get it slightly reduced which I was really pleased about as the quality is amazing and I love the cream pom poms which add such a cute touch. It looks lovely draped over my sofa for decor and adds a little touch of girliness to my living room. 
Cosy Festive Drinks 
One of the things that I really love most about the winter time is having the excuse to make hot chocolates and festive coffees until my heart is content! I’m always happy with a yummy hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and mini marshmallows but this year I have also been enjoying some gingerbread and toffee nut lattes too. I also love using pretty mugs and I thought this lovely pink star one was so perfect for the winter time and I completed this hot chocolate with teeny edible gold stars for a fairytale finish! 

Yummy Winter Treats 
The winter season is always the perfect time to try a little baking and I don’t think there’s anything nicer than coming in out of the cold to the sugary scent of cookies baking in the oven or the spicy aromas of ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon. I’d love to try making a blackberry, raspberry and apple crumble over the next few months and I'd also like to try making some Christmas cupcakes too. If you can’t bake a little sweet treat in winter to cheer you up from all of the rain and cold weather, then when can you?
I decided to treat myself to some pretty new gloves to make the winter season seem a little less miserable and I spotted these baby pink ones from Katie Loxton in a local gift shop. I love the dainty pearl detailing and they feel so soft and keep my hands lovely and toasty. There is also a matching cable knit hat and scarf available which I have added to my Christmas wishlist as I think wearing the whole set would make you look like a sugary pink marshmallow! 

I’ve actually had this Bath Blaster a couple of times before but I think it’s a lovely one for a cold wintery day. It smells like a mixture of yummy marshmallow, strawberry and sweet candyfloss. It contains pure jasmine and coconut oils which also add a slight undertone of sugar and caramel so it is definitely a sweet one. I love the design as it’s simple with a pale pink outer shell, a swirl of candy pink inside and it has tiny specks of silver glitter dusted over the top. 

I had to buy myself a new pair of cosy slippers for the winter season and I found this gorgeous pink pair from a brand called Pretty You London. They have lots of sweet designs and these slippers are so pretty but yet so comfortable at the same time and I’ve had lots of wear out of them already. These ones have fluffy white pom poms on the back and a little quote that says ‘chase your dreams’ and then a little champagne silver moon and star appliqué on the front which is so fitting for the festive season. 

As the weather has been much colder recently, a good lip balm has become a bedside table necessity for me and I’m totally in love with this one from Dior. It smells like creamy vanilla and angel cake and leaves a slight pink tint on your lips as well as helping to keep them soft and moisturised. And the pastel pink packaging is just beautiful! 

What are your favourite things about the winter season? I hope this one is full of cosy hot chocolates with gooey marshmallows, snowman-making and snuggly pink knitwear! 


Sunday, 2 December 2018

A Christmas Wishlist

We may still be near the beginning of December but I thought it was about time that I popped together a princessy gift guide with lots of pretty pinks and sparkles. Although it is just basically my wishlist, I hope it gives you some inspiration... 

When I popped into The White Company at the start of the month, I came across these gorgeous cosy socks whilst having a little browse around their lovely Christmas decorations. I’m absolutely in love with the pale pink shade but they are also available in a lovely soft cream too. Even though they are quite expensive, I think they look so cosy and they also feel so soft and fluffy too! 

I’ve always dreamt of owning a pretty pink Ted Baker handbag and I’d been on the lookout for my dream one for a little while when I came across this Cala Bow Tote bag. It’s a lovely soft pink shade complete with rose gold hardware and a dainty bow on the front and I think it would be gorgeous for everyday wear to complete any girly outfit! 

A little bit of a random one but I spotted this baby pink glittery princess castle tumbler on the Disney Instagram and thought it looked beautiful. I love the quote on it which says ‘if you need me, I’ll be in my castle’ which I think is so cute and it will really add a sparkle to all of your hot drinks over the winter. I also noticed that Disney were offering free shipping with a minimum spend so be quick if you want to treat yourself or another princess in your life! 

It’s become a bit of a tradition that my mum and dad usually spoil me with a new pair of Ugg boots at Christmas time which is the perfect present as I feel they’re a little too expensive to splurge on yourself and I actually wear them all year round. At the moment, I have this gorgeous soft brown and cream pair with adorable bows on the back but I spotted these ones and thought they looked like they were made for me. They are made from a milky pink fluffy fabric and have beautiful dainty flowers on the buttons so they are definitely all of the heart eyes! 

I featured this lovely little Drink To Go charm from Pandora in my Princessy Pandora Charm Wishlist post but it’s definitely the next one that I’d love to add to my bracelet. I’m always drinking coffee and the fact that it’s a little silver takeaway coffee cup with a pretty pink love heart on it is just perfect for me and I think it’s adorable! 

I’ve had this beautiful blush pink jewellery box from Ted Baker on my wishlist for a little while now and I was actually very tempted to splurge on it whilst they were offering 30% off for the Black Friday weekend but I restrained myself. It’s got a gorgeous rose gold bow on the clasp and has lovely little compartments that are perfect for storing all of your rings, necklaces and bracelets in.

Oops, I promise that this blog post isn’t sponsored by Ted Baker in any way, but when I’m making a ‘wishlist’, it’s only natural to include one of your favourite brands more than once! I love the look of these pretty pink bow suitcases with the rose gold detailing and you can kit out your full luggage set as they offer three different sizes and a vanity case. I can dream, can’t I?! 

What’s on your Christmas wishlist? 


Monday, 26 November 2018

Too Faced Pink Christmas Prettiness | Under The Tree Palette

The Too Faced holiday collections are always one of my favourites, so when I spotted that they were releasing a Christmas Dreams range full of pink prettiness and dainty illustrations, I knew that I was going to spend a pretty penny. I treated myself to the Christmas Dreams makeup brush set adorned with fluffy white swans (read my review here!) and also this stunning Under The Tree palette which was just too cute to resist. As it is so beautiful and fitting for the festive season, I thought that I would feature it in it’s own sparkly little blog post... 

As always with Too Faced, the packaging is just heavenly and this palette certainly doesn’t disappoint! I just love how unique and girly all of their makeup products are and I love to display them on my dressing table (although I often find them hard to actually use because of how lovely they are!). The Under The Tree palette comes packaged in a lovely soft blush pink box with gold accents that is made to look like a theatre stage with the curtains opening to reveal the Christmas tree palette behind and it is illustrated with adorable little bunnies, squirrels and sugar mice and a gold star on top of the tree which is a lovely finishing touch. 

When you open the box, the Christmas tree itself is made up of three beautiful velvet baby pink palettes that are sprinkled with pale gold wintery stars and break away so that they can be used separately which is perfect for either gifting to separate people or handy for travelling. The palettes all have pretty illustrations of sweet squirrels, fluffy bunnies and elegant white swans in lavender, mint green and soft candy pink shades and remind me of something from The Nutcracker. The set also comes with a miniature Better Than Sex mascara which is in the loveliest pink chrome tube and is perfect for fluttery lashes for Christmas parties! 

The first palette is illustrated with dainty little squirrels wearing delicate black bows on a pale lavender background and contains three face products ~ a highlighter, bronzer and blusher. 

Angel Kisses | Highlighter 
A peachy champagne shimmer. 

Winter Glow | Bronzer 
A warm-toned bronzer with a lovely pigmentation. 

Christmas Flush | Blusher 
A golden peach with a frosted sheen. 

The second palette contains eight gorgeous eyeshadow shades in a range of warm neutral tones and is decorated with sweet little bunnies with gold ears displayed on a mint background. 

Vanilla Snow | Matte 
A creamy white shade that is perfect for a brow bone highlight. 

Christmas Wish | Matte 
A lovely soft warm brown. 

Kiss For Santa | Shimmer 
A deep chocolate brown with a cranberry shimmer. This one is lovely for smudging along your lash lines if you don’t fancy wearing eyeliner! 

Rockin’ Around | Shimmer 
A golden bronze shimmer that looks so festive and sparkly. 

Dream It, Believe It | Shimmer 
A deep golden brown shimmer with a pretty pink reflex. 

Christmas Morning | Matte 
A soft rosy peach shade which blends out beautifully. 

Cosy Up To Christmas | Shimmer 
A gorgeous deep bronze glitter that reminds me of a log cabin and crackling wood fires. 

Wishful Thinking | Shimmer 
An espresso brown with teeny gold glitters. This one is perfect for creating a subtle smokey eye with! 

The final palette (and my fave!) has beautiful illustrations of snowy white swans wearing bows around their necks and teeny little gold stars on a blush pink backdrop. This palette has ten velvety soft eyeshadows and the shade selection is a pretty mix of cool tones and neutrals with a little pop of mauve and evergreen. 

Beard Of White | Matte 
A snowy pale white. 

Winter Wonderland | Shimmer 
A baby pink pearlescent shade with a light silver sparkle. 

Pleasant Dreams | Matte 
A chocolatey plum shade which would work well as a transitional colour. 

Dream Come True | Matte 
A soft neutral tone which is a lovely everyday shade. 

Unicorns Pull My Sleigh | Shimmer 
A deep gold with pink shimmer. I’m in love with the name of this one! 

Oh What Fun | Shimmer 
A beautiful sparkly silver with a frosted finish. 

Wishes & Kisses | Matte 
A gorgeous deep purple with a plum undertone. 

Starlight | Shimmer 
A light pale champagne shimmer. One of my faves! 

Fresh Cut & Frosty | Shimmer 
An evergreen shade with a lovely golden glitter. 

Under The Mistletoe | Matte 
A deep chocolate brown which applies with a lovely pigmentation. 

I’m so impressed with the quality of the eyeshadows in these palettes as, sometimes when brands release limited edition products, the quality can lack a little. They all feel buttery soft to touch, have great pigmentation and blend out beautifully which I was really impressed with. I think my favourite shades have to be ‘Vanilla Snow’, ‘Winter Wonderland’, ‘Unicorns Pull My Sleigh’ and ‘Starlight’. 

This palette would be the perfect gift to surprise a girly pink princess with at Christmas time and would definitely be one that I would be happy to find under my own Christmas tree! 

What do you think of this palette? 


Friday, 16 November 2018

Too Faced Christmas Dreams Makeup Brushes | Pink Swan Prettiness

As soon as I spotted these stunning pink swan makeup brushes on the Too Faced website, I knew that I was going to have to splurge! The Christmas collection from Too Faced is always beautiful with gorgeous festive packaging in pastel designs and the products are just so so cute and girly. I decided to treat myself to the Christmas Dreams makeup brush set and also the Under The Tree palette which I am planning on writing a full review about soon as it's adorable...

There are five gorgeous brushes in this cute little set and they are just the dreamiest! Inspired by elegant white swans and Christmas pink wishes, the brushes are made with synthetic Teddy Bear Hair which means that they feel so soft and fluffy and are perfect for dusting over your face to create a sparkly festive makeup look. The brushes have a fluffy soft creamy pink head which is framed with gold chrome and baby pink handles that are sprinkled with teeny wintery gold stars. Total heart eyes!

The Christmas Dreams brush set has everything that you need to complete your princessy makeup looks as there is a powder and bronzer brush, a blusher and highlighter brush, an eye application and blending brush, a crease and smudging brush and also an eyeliner and eyebrow brush. I love the powder brush as it's so fluffy and feels lovely to dust your powder over your face with. I also adore the crease brush as it's the perfect size for allowing you to create a lovely precise eye makeup look and blend your eyeshadows out beautifully.

The makeup brushes also come housed in the loveliest blush pink faux leather pouch which is also sprinkled with dainty gold stars and is so fitting for this time of the year. It has 'I dream in makeup' written on it in an elegant gold script font and reminds me of something from Disney's Magic Kingdom! It's a lovely little one for storing the princessy brushes in to keep them safe and it would also be perfect for taking a few small makeup items in for a wintery weekend away!

What do you think of the Christmas Dreams makeup brush set?


Friday, 19 October 2018

A Princessy Pandora Charm Wishlist

I was in the Pandora shop today having a little browse and I fell in love with so many pretty things. I love this time of the year as I feel like everything in the shops is moving towards a wintery theme and who can resist little bows and pink cupcakes? Not me. The Pandora shop always looks so gorgeous and girlie and I love all of their window displays and the pretty little bags with the satin ribbons on them. I thought I would put together a little princessy wishlist of some of my favourite charms, whether you're looking for gift inspiration or just want to treat yourself...

Which charms do you have on your Pandora bracelet?