Thursday, 19 September 2019

Cosy Girly Wax Melts

Autumn is my favourite season as I just adore all of the cosy candles, pumpkin spice lattes, chunky jumpers, Ugg boots, the scent of warm fruit crumbles baking in the oven and the crunchy fallen leaves. I decided to treat myself to a Scentsy warmer as I do love burning my candles but I thought this would be the perfect alternative for during the day as I have a little baby. I chose the Darling White Warmer which I actually bought on eBay and it will go perfectly with the living room in our new home. 

I came across Sassy Shop Wax and Glam Wax on Instagram who both sell a range of gorgeous wax melt bars and home fragrance products. I decided to treat myself to some of their wax melt bars to burn in my Scentsy warmer and there were so many lovely scents to choose from, I'll definitely have to place an order for some more as they all smell gorgeous! All you have to do is place a couple of squares in the wax burners and the enchanting scents will fill your whole house. I hope you enjoy reading about what I picked up...

I couldn't resist a wax melt bar titled Velvet Sugar as it sounds so luxurious and sweet! This one is a lovely dusky pink colour with dainty silver glitter. It is a really sweet sugary scent that has a fruity undertone to it which reminds me a little of strawberries and lemons.

I think this one is supposed to be similar to the Scentsy Black Raspberry & Vanilla which I haven't tried yet but I am definitely keen to. It smells like a gorgeous mixture of vanilla and winter berries which reminds me a little of a cosy crumble baking in the oven. It's a light lilac colour dusted in pink and silver glitter too! 

Mmm, this one is making my mouth water and has such a delicious scent of fresh blueberry muffins and sugary goodness! It just makes me want to eat it although I don't think it would taste as good as it smells.

Pink Sugar
Another really sweet scent, this pretty pink bar has teeny flecks of silver and lime green sparkles and a gorgeous sugary scent that has a slightly musky undertone.

Snow Pixie
I think this has to be one of my faves, although they are all so lovely! Snow Pixie smells exactly like Lush's Snow Fairy which is one of my favourite bath products for around Christmas time. It has a sugary sweet scent that reminds me of candyfloss and vanilla cupcakes and this wax melt bar is a pretty baby pink shade with twinkles of icy blue and silver. 

Strawberry Lily 
I also chose this one as it smells exactly like my favourite fabric softener which is Comfort's Strawberry & Lily! It's a light and fresh scent with a hint of sweet strawberry and lily of the valley and will be a lovely one for burning throughout the year.

I've just realised that I've actually purchased two Ariana Grande-inspired wax melt bars, oops! This one is based on her Sweet Like Candy perfume as the name suggests with notes of lily of the valley, raspberry, vanilla, marshmallows and musk. I adore the pretty milky pink wax melt bar and all of the pink sparkles!

These are my fave cocktails so I had to add one to my basket! I love the pink and glittery gold wax melt bar and the scent is a mix of sweet vanilla vodka with fresh passionfruit puree and fizzy prosecco. I'm just craving a cocktail right now smelling this!
I love Ariana Grande so I had to purchase this one! It's a soft lilac colour sprinkled with silver glitter and it has a fruity floral fragrance with notes of raspberry, vanilla, marshmallows and rose which is dreamy. 

I had to get a unicorn wax melt bar, didn't I? This one looks so enchanting and dreamy with the pretty pink and lilac sparkles and has a sweet scent of candyfloss, strawberry, vanilla and caramel with notes of powdery musk and sandalwood.

The autumn season always makes me think of hot chocolates topped with fluffy marshmallows and whipped cream so I needed this Toasted Marshmallow bar. It has a gorgeous scent of creamy vanilla with caramel notes and makes me think of snuggling up next to the fire with a hot drink!

I think this one is meant to be based on the Bath And Body Works Sweater Weather candle which I've never actually smelt but I imagine that it's the perfect scent for autumn. I love the soft creamy and gold glitter wax melt bar and this one has notes of orange blossom, sandalwood, amber and musk so it's a very comforting and cosy scent.

My favourite autumnal drink ever! Pumpkin spice lattes are one of the things that I look forward to most about this season so I'm also looking forward to my home smelling of one too. It's got a lovely spicy pumpkin fragrance with a hint of creamy coffee and is sprinkled in gold glitter.

 I also couldn't resist a little festive one when I spotted this Gingerbread Man scent, although I do think that gingerbread is a scent you can kind of get away with in the autumn too. The bar is a soft brown with hints of copper glitter and reminds me of cookies. The scent is a yummy spicy ginger and cinnamon blended with buttery biscuit and a whisper of sweet sugary vanilla. 

I think this one will be perfect for Bonfire Night! I love the soft apple colour of the wax melt bar complete with golden glitters and it smells like sweet red apples dipped in a rich caramel sauce.
I'd love to know what your favourite wax melt scents are!


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