Thursday, 12 September 2019

Girly Autumn Picks

I'm so sorry that this has been my first blog post in months! I've been extremely busy with buying a new home and redecorating as well as setting up my own little handmade bow business over at Pretty Little Wishes as well as looking after my baby! However, when autumn comes around, I get so excited for all of the gorgeous new cosy candles, pumpkin spice lattes, chunky sweaters and twinkly fairy lights that I couldn't resist popping together a blog post with some of my favourite pink girly pieces. I always get so jealous that we don't get as many lovely autumnal homeware pieces and pumpkin-themed things as America does! I've already treated myself to the adorable pink and white swan bowl and mug and the baby pink heart casserole dish (sssh!) but I think I'll be needing those Ugg boots, that pink fluffy sweater and the cashmere socks...

What would you love to treat yourself to for autumn? 



  1. All of these look so lovely.. I've been eying up those sass and belle items too...xoxo