Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Glam Wax Christmas Wax Melts

After treating myself to a few wax melt bars from Glam Wax which I featured in my Cosy Girly Wax Melts blog post, I was so impressed with the quality and all of the gorgeous scents, so when they released all of their new Christmas scents, I was so excited and couldn't wait to pop together a blog post. I realise that not all of the scents featured are specifically for Christmas but I hope you'll forgive me as they were too delicious to miss out... 

I absolutely love this one! Glittering Star has a beautiful white and silver sparkly design which goes perfectly with all of my Christmas decor in my living room and the scent is just gorgeous. It smells really luxurious and festive with notes of nutmeg, ginger, cassis and sugar plum on a base of sandalwood. 

I think this one is supposed to be based on the Yankee Candle Fluffy Towels candle which is one of my favourites and it smells really similar. It's a lovely and clean fresh scent that makes me think of stepping out of an indulgent bubble bath and putting on a fluffy dressing gown. This one has notes of rose, jasmine, lily and a base of musk. 

I think this is also another one that is supposed to be based on a Yankee Candle and I adore the Snow In Love scent as well as the creamy white and glittery design. It smells very clean and festive with notes of wood and powder and reminds me of a winter walk through the snow.

I think this one looks like something out of Disney's Frozen and should belong in an enchanting snow filled fairytale! It smells like crisp fresh snow and a forest of pine trees and also has a little hint of eucalyptus to it. I love the gorgeous icy blue and silver glitter sparkle in this one. 

I thought this one looked so Christmassy with the lovely white and red festive glitter and I can never resist anything to do with candy canes! It has a very sweet mint smell and contains peppermint, sugar cane and sweet vanilla. This one will be perfect for burning before taking my little one to visit Santa! 

I couldn't resist this Baked Cookies one as I love all of the sweet and sugary scents and it has a lovely brown and gold sparkle. This little bar is a mixture of sweet vanilla, sugar and chocolate and smells just like a fresh batch of cookies baking in the oven! 

I actually have this one burning whilst I'm writing this blog post and my bedroom smells like a sugary sweet coffee heaven! It contains creamy vanilla, sweet caramel sauce and a milky coffee base which gives it a subtle latte hint. Perfect if you love your Christmassy coffees! 

The last item that I chose is this Warm Vanilla Sugar bar which smells really sweet and also a little musky. It contains creamy vanilla and brown sugar and reminds me a little of cinema popcorn. I also love the creamy gold sparkles in this one! 

Have you tried any wax melt bars from Glam Wax? 


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