Thursday, 30 January 2020

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Eyeshadow Palette | Pink Chocolate Prettiness

As soon as I saw on Instagram that Too Faced were having a sale just after Christmas and that the Chocolate Bon Bons eyeshadow palette was included, I couldn't resist treating myself to another one. As I adore the baby pink casing, heart-shaped eyeshadows and the chocolatey smell, I thought that it deserved it's own little pink and girly post on my blog...

The Chocolate Bon Bons palette includes sixteen matte and shimmer shades which have a mixture of beautiful neutral colours and also a pop of sugary bright pinks. I have really enjoyed experimenting with all of the colours in this palette and you are able to create such a wide range of looks. When you open the palette, it is like opening a box of pretty pink heart chocolates and I love using it for around Valentine's Day as it is so romantic and dreamy!

For everyday wear, I love to use 'Satin Sheets' which is a beautiful champagne shimmer over my eyelid and then blend out 'Cafe Au Lait', a pewter shimmer or 'Molasses Chip' which is more of a bronze gold. My favourite matte shades are 'Almond Truffle' which is a light brown and 'Cashew Chew' which is a pale neutral cream. The white matte shade 'Divinity' is perfect for using as a brow bone highlight and I also love using the shades 'Black Currant' and 'Dark Truffle' to smudge under my lower lash line.

I was a little unsure at first about the fuchsia pink shade called 'Totally Fetch' and the pale pink 'Cotton Candy' as I don't tend to wear pink eyeshadows much but I actually found that 'Cotton Candy' blends out into a subtle pink shimmer which is very similar to Urban Decay's 'Dust' from the Naked 3 palette. The colour 'Earl Grey' is a really unusual dark grey with a hint of green sparkle to it and looks really pretty too.

As for the eyeshadows themselves, they are so pigmented and easy to blend out. I'm really impressed that the quality of these appear to be the same as the other two Chocolate Bar palettes which I also own and I really believe that Too Faced products are so worth the money. The shadows are also infused with cocoa powder so they have a yummy chocolate scent too!

I thought I would include a little description of each of the shades below...

Totally Fetch | Shimmer
A bright fuchsia pink with blue undertones and a fine iridescent shimmer. This is the only shade in the palette that I find to be rather unwearable but that is because I don't really choose vibrant pink eyeshadows!

Satin Sheets | Shimmer
One of my most used so far in the palette! A champagne pink shimmer with a golden frost which looks beautiful as an all over lid colour too. It is also available in the Boudoir Eyes palette and is one of the Too Faced cult favourites.

Cotton Candy | Shimmer
A brighter medium pink with blue undertones and a silvery frosted sheen. Looks slightly scary in the palette but actually blends out more sheer and looks really pretty.

Sprinkles | Shimmer
A really pretty pale pink with a subtle gold shimmer. It's very similar to 'Dust' from the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette which I have almost used up completely!

Almond Truffle | Matte
A light neutral brown with a slight mauve undertone. It is one of my favourites for using in the crease to smudge out.

Cashew Chew | Matte
A pale creamy beige with warm undertones and a satin finish. A really nice one for using all over the eyelid if you want to create a matte eye makeup look.

Divinity | Matte
A pale creamy shade that is perfect for using as a highlight for your brow bone or inner corner. This one is really pigmented but can also be sheered out slightly if you want to create a softer finish.

Dark Truffle | Shimmer
A lovely deep chocolate brown with a soft pearly sheen. I love smudging this one along my upper and lower lash lines if I don't fancy wearing eyeliner!

Malted | Shimmer
A dark brown with a slightly golden tone. It is intensely pigmented and is a great shade to use if you want to create a deep smokey eye.

Bordeaux | Shimmer
A deep burgundy with warm brown undertones and a silky satin finish. It looks lovely paired with 'Black Currant' if you want to go for more of a purple-toned eye makeup look.

Molasses Chip | Shimmer
A gorgeous metallic bronze with a golden sparkle running through it. It is one of the most pigmented and applies with a really opaque finish.

Mocha | Matte
Quite similar to 'Almond Truffle' but is a slightly deeper matte brown. This one is the only shade that I have found to be slightly dusty which is unusual for a matte eyeshadow but it is a lovely neutral colour.

Cafe Au Lait | Shimmer
This is another one of my favourites and it is an unexpected one. 'Cafe Au Lait' is a medium brown with a golden champagne metallic sheen and is another really pretty one for using in your crease.

Pecan Praline | Matte
A light taupe brown with subtle warm undertones. It feels lovely and silky and applies with a very smooth matte finish.

Black Currant | Shimmer
A dark plum colour with a sparkling frosted finish. This one is really lovely for adding a pop of colour to your eyelid or also to smudge along your lower lash line if you want to be more subtle.

Earl Grey | Shimmer
A lovely deep teal with a dark charcoal edge and a satin shimmer. This is a really nice shade for smudging out along your lash line if you want a subtle smokey eye with a twist!

What do you think of the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons eyeshadow palette?