Thursday, 2 January 2020

What I Got Treated To For Christmas

Happy New Year dolls! I hope you've all had a magical time over the festive season sipping pink prosecco, eating strawberry cream chocolates, sitting with the twinkling Christmas tree lights on and enjoying lots of Christmas movies and cosy times with your loved ones. I really wanted to write a post all about some of the lovely things that I was gifted, even though these types of blog posts can be a little controversial but I think it's so nice to see what everyone got treated to. I hope you enjoy reading about all of the pink and pretty items that I was spoiled with...

I was really lucky to receive a few lovely new makeup and skincare items for Christmas, many of them being from one of my favourite brands Too Faced. The first product that I unwrapped is this pale pink and mint green Dew You Setting Spray which has golden accents and little watermelon details on the packaging. I'm not sure if this is a summery beauty product but I love anything that's refreshing and light on the skin so I was really keen to try it out anyway. The Dew You Setting Spray is infused with cucumber and watermelon pearlescent particles that adds a delicate shimmer whilst also setting down makeup for a glowy and gorgeous lit from within effect. The scent of this one reminds me of watermelon ice lollies and I think it will be an essential for my suitcase for my holiday in the sunshine!

I must confess, I already own of these stunning Diamond Light Highlighters in the shade 'Diamond Fire' which sits untouched on top of my makeup drawers as I can't bear to ruin it but I just needed this new pink shade. I adore the gorgeous sugary pink ring box style packaging with the gold hardware and black satin details and the highlighter itself is the loveliest soft pink colour with warm undertones and a very fine shimmer with a subtle rose gold reflex. Although it hurt my heart slightly, I did bring myself to swatch this one and try a little and it has a powdery buildable finish with a delicate sheen which will be perfect for subtle and spring makeup looks.

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you will know that these gorgeous baby pink cashmere socks from The White Company have been on my wishlist for the longest time. I didn't actually receive these on Christmas Day but I decided to take full advantage of the 20% off Boxing Day sale that The White Company were offering and splurge on them with some Christmas money instead but I still thought I would include them in this post. I love the milky pink colour of these beautiful cashmere socks and they feel so soft and delicate. I can't wait to get cuddled up on my sofa under my pom pom blanket wearing my cosy pink socks with a hot chocolate in hand watching Gossip Girl to get me through the cold winter months ahead.

I've been a massive fan of the Too Faced Hangover Primer and Hangover Setting Spray for a little while now, so when I first spotted that they were releasing some new skincare items, I added them to my never ending beauty wishlist. One of the products which I was most excited to try was the Hangover Good In Bed Serum as I haven't actually found a skincare serum that I completely love yet. Much like the other products in the Hangover range, this one has a pretty ombre pink and white packaging in a weighty glass bottle which is going to look really pretty sitting in my bathroom. It contains lots of hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, coconut water and dragon fruit and it's a lovely cooling gel texture which dries down really quickly and makes your skin feel lovely. I've been applying this after cleansing and I'm in love so far!

I was in desperate need of a new phone case so when I came across Dollipop Boutique on Instagram, I was smitten with their beautiful glittery phone cases. I messaged and asked if it was possible to get a baby pink bow on my phone case and I'm absolutely delighted with it (I did know that I was getting this but my husband popped it in my stocking anyway!). The clear acrylic case has a very fine pink sparkle to it and is filled with lots of beautiful holographic glitters and stars which shimmer when they catch the light. I love the finish with the pink bow which is perfect for me as it's really girly and unique and I can't wait to dress my phone up in it!

I was so surprised and excited when I unwrapped this beautiful Flowerbomb Gift Set from Viktor & Rolf as I had dropped hints about this to my husband but never really thought that he paid any attention! I already have a bottle of Flowerbomb which I have been using for the last few months and I adore the soft floral scent which has notes of bergamot, freesia, jasmine, rose and orchid and smells just like a whimsical florist shop. I fell in love when I saw their limited edition Christmas gift set in Boots as the packaging looks like a fairytale winter wonderland. The box itself is shaped like a snowflake with beautiful baby pink and white details accentuated with the classic black Viktor & Rolf branding and the whole box is dusted in princessy glitter and finished with a gorgeous satin pink flower on the opening. When you open the box, there is a stunning glittering snowflake display with the perfume sitting on a little tier and it also contains a shower gel and a body lotion in iridescent pink packaging which would be the perfect size for travelling. It's definitely one of my favourite presents and I will be keeping the box for girly Christmas decor!

I was really kindly treated to the limited edition Molly Mae hair curlers from Beauty Works by my mother and father-in-law after I had added them to my Christmas wishlist. I've just been using my baby pink GHD Platinum Stylers to curl my hair up until now but I've always really fancied an actual curling wand so that I can choose how loose or tight I want my curls to be. This one is designed for longer hair so it has a long barrel which is coated in ceramic that helps to prevent frizz and enhance shine and it also comes with a gorgeous white hairbrush so that you can brush out your curls after for a softer effect. I love the pretty pastel pink colour with the dainty glitzy pink hardware and I'm looking forward to creating some princessy curls with this little wand.

It's become a little bit of a tradition that my mum and dad get me a new pair of Ugg boots for Christmas which is perfect timing as I had just discovered that my other pair had a hole in them and I love to wear them over the winter season. I'd had my eye on these pink Bailey Bow boots for a little while and I've actually had a pair of the Bailey Bow boots in the past but in the lovely chestnut brown and cream shade. The Pink Crystal shade is a deep muted pink which is so perfect for wearing with lots of different outfits and is a little less pastel than the Seashell Pink Poppy boots which I had last year (although I still loved them too!). They are so cosy and fleecy with a sheepskin lining and I adore the pretty satin boots adorned on the back which add the loveliest girly detailing.

And saving the best until last... my husband completely spoilt me with an Olympus Pen camera! I have been wanting to improve my blog photography for a long time and whilst my iPhone is still amazing, I really wanted to improve the quality of my pictures. It will take me a little while to learn about all of the different settings in my new camera (although I did take these blog photos with it so hopefully you will have noticed an improvement in the quality!) and I can't wait to play around with it to create lots of beautiful girly content into the new year. He has also promised to take me to visit Peggy Porschen later on in the year for a pink and girly festive trip so I have lots to get excited about!

Hope you've all had a lovely Christmas! What did you get treated to?



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