Thursday, 23 April 2020

Girly Things To Do Whilst Staying At Home

Hello lovelies! I hope you're all doing well and staying safe in these really strange times. I realised that I haven't actually shared a new blog post in a little while and I felt inspired to put together a little list of some of the pretty and girly things that you can do whilst staying at home. I really hope that you enjoy and it brings a little pink prettiness to your day... 

Indulge In A Luxury Skincare Routine
There is no better time than just now to start a new skincare routine and to spend some extra time using all of your gorgeous and special products to treat your skin to a little pampering. I've been trying out a few new products recently from Too Faced ~ I've been using the Hangover Pillow Cream at night time which comes in the most beautiful lilac and white ombré tub complete with gold twinkly stars and it feels so creamy and luxurious when it sinks into your skin as it is enriched with stardust. I've also been using the Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream recently too as my daily moisturiser which is so light and has a dreamy delicate rose scent. It's also lovely to use a face mask to make you feel like a pretty princess too! 

Sort Out Your Planner With Pretty Stickers And Cute Washi Tape 
Even though life has got very quiet and unknown, I still like to take some time to sort out my planner as it helps to make me feel organised for the week. I have a really lovely milkshake pink planner from Kikki K which I've had for a couple of years and I love to decorate it with a selection of pretty stickers and cute washi tapes. Even though I don't have many things on at the moment, I still like to use it to plan out my day and set myself a little list of tasks to complete. I've also been loving my Mrs Hinch Little Book Of Lists which is so handy for making little cleaning and organising lists and makes me feel so happy when I tick things off at the end of the day. 

Make A Pink Unicorn Hot Chocolate With Fluffy Cream, Mini Marshmallows And Rainbow Sprinkles
I've been wanting to try and make a pink unicorn hot chocolate for a little while and what better time is there than now? I spotted the recipe in The Unicorn Cookbook and I can't wait to give it a little try. I had been really enjoying the Costa Ruby Hot Chocolates at the start of the year so hopefully I can create my own little unicorn version at home. It would be so lovely to style it in a cute mug or latte glass and finish with fluffy cream, pink and white mini marshmallows and some magical unicorn sprinkles. 

Buy A Bunch Of Pretty Flowers
Having fresh flowers in my home is one of my favourite little treats and it really helps to brighten my mood which I think is so important just now. I picked up a gorgeous bunch of pink roses in Tesco at the start of the week and they just make me so happy to see them blooming in my living room. Of course, you don't have to buy fresh flowers and I have some really pretty faux flower arrangements around my home too like cream hydrangeas and peonies. I'd love to treat myself to one of the baby pink and white forever rose boxes from My Flower Room or one of the gorgeous white peony and hydrangea arrangements from Ellie's Finishing Touches

Organise Your Wardrobe And Dressing Table 
I feel like this is such a cliché thing to do whilst staying at home but I've actually really enjoyed sorting out my wardrobe and dressing table recently. Having everything sorted and organised just makes my heart happy and not to mention, it gives me more space to fill my wardrobe with more pretty clothes. I picked up this gorgeous pale pink Marie jumper from Skinnydip London last week and I can't wait to wear it properly when we can finally go out again as it's so sweet. I also sorted out my dressing table and little chest of drawers in my spare room which houses all of my makeup and girly bits and bobs. I loved having a little reorganise of my dressing table space and displaying all of my pretty products and trinkets on top to make me feel like a princess whilst I'm getting ready there in the mornings. 

Buy A Fairytale Colouring In Book
Colouring in is an activity that I have always found to be really therapeutic and relaxing and I find that it's such a cute little thing to do in the evenings whilst watching the TV. I have both the I Heart Unicorns and I Heart Mermaids colouring books which have the prettiest whimsical illustrations of magical unicorns and mystical mermaids. It's so good to help to relax and calm your mind and I just love creating all of the pastel prettiness too!

Bake Some Enchanting Sweet Treats
I've been loving doing a little bit of baking recently as I find it so relaxing when I've actually got the time to enjoy it and eating all of the sugary sweet treats when you're finished is definitely one of the best bits. I've made a couple of batches of milk and white chocolate cookies with Mini Eggs which are so easy to do and absolutely delicious. You could also try making vanilla cupcakes and decorate them with strawberry, candyfloss or marshmallow buttercream icing, princessy pastel sprinkles or cute little fondant decorations if you really want to make them extra special. One of my favourite recipe books is The Unicorn Cookbook which has lots of magical unicorn-inspired sweet treats and some that I would love to try are Fairy Dust Macarons, Unicorn Cookie Dough Bites, Make A Wish Shortbread and the Unicorn Wish Cupcakes. I also have the beautiful Sweet Bake Shop book which is a princessy baking dream book filled with recipes such as Cotton Candy Cloud Macarons, Confetti Sprinkle Cookies, Sprinkly Fairy Wand Cookies, Birthday Cake Macarons and Vanilla Sugar Cookies.

Watch All Of The Disney Princess Movies
I feel like Disney+ definitely arrived at the perfect opportunity as I've actually had a little more time recently to curl up and watch a movie. I've been watching a different Disney princess film every night before I go to bed and it's so relaxing to be whisked away into a fairytale princess world full of cotton candy dreams and magical wishes. Some of my favourites are Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty And The Beast, Frozen and Tangled although I pretty much love them all!  

Treat Yourself To Some Cute Comfy Clothing 
As tempting as it may be for some people to stay in their pyjamas all day, I find that I feel really unproductive so I've been making the effort to make sure I get dressed every day. Having some cute and comfortable loungewear is definitely the answer and I've been living in fleecey pink jogging bottoms, pretty t-shirts and girly hoodies. I picked up these adorable candy pink joggers in the Boohoo sale as well as this white oversized New York hoodie which I love. There are so many pretty wishlist worthy items on Asos, Missguided and Pretty Little Thing so another shopping splurge may have to be done soon! 

Light A New Favourite Candle And Burn Some Girly Wax Melts 
One of my favourite ways to relax is to cosy up with a scented candle in my living room or bedroom. I like to burn candles all year round as I find that they make me feel so cosy and content and I also think that they make the prettiest decor pieces too. Some of my favourites are Yankee Candle's Blush Bouquet, Pink Sands and Rainbow CookieSince we moved into our new house in November, I've found a new obsession with burning wax melts and I have two gorgeous white Scentsy electric warmers that I love to have on. They make my living room smell so lovely and I'm addicted to buying wax melts now ~ some of my favourites are Scentsy's Pink Haze, Strawberry Swirl and Vanilla Bean Buttercream, Cotton Candy Clouds from Scent Sensationals which you can buy in Asda and Baking Cookies and Caramel Vanilla Latte from Glam Wax

Have A Pink Bubble Bath With Candy Scented Bubbles
One of the nicest indulgent treats is a bubble bath filled with fluffy pink bubbles in a candy scent with all of the glitter and shimmer possible and I love to have a bath at least once a week. I still have some of my Lush Magic Wand bubble bar left over from Christmas so I love using a little swirl of this to make my bath feel princessy and magical and it has the most gorgeous candyfloss and creamy vanilla scent. Whilst I'm in the bath, I like to take a book in with me or have a little scroll through my phone, pop in a hair mask and I sometimes take up a little drink of pink unicorn gin which tastes like marshmallows and candyfloss dusted in shimmering pink glitter from Enchanted DrinksAfter a relaxing bubble bath, I love to apply a sugary scented body lotion and cosy up in some snuggly pink pyjamas with a hot chocolate. 

Go For A Walk Through The Pink And White Cherry Blossom Trees 
I'm so pleased that the weather has been so lovely and sunny recently so I've been going on lots of lovely walks each day through the spring flowers. Cherry blossom trees are one of my favourite things about the springtime and it makes me so happy to walk through all of the gorgeous candyfloss pink and icing sugar white petals. I'd definitely like to plant a little cherry blossom tree in my garden but I just so wish that they bloomed for a little while longer than they do! 

Paint Your Nails With A Sweet Shade
One of the beauty treatments that I enjoy the most is getting my nails done regularly so I've taken to doing a little manicure every few days myself. I love pretty soft pink shades like Essie's Mademoiselle, Romper Room and Ballet Slippers and during the spring and summer months I also really like pastel candy pink shades like OPI's Mod About You and Le Mini Macaron Fairy FlossI do normally get gel nails done so I've purchased a little UV gel lamp and some gel nail polishes so I can hopefully do them myself and I'll be sure to let you know how I get on. 

Curl Up With A New Book And A Cosy Blanket
I love curling up on my sofa or having a little early night and reading a new book. I really enjoy girly books that are easy to read and whisk you away into a little fantasy dreamland and I find that I can lose myself in a good book for a few hours. I'm loving having some extra time to read recently and it's nice to have a little break from phones and TV screens. I have a little white Kindle which I purchased from Amazon and it's absolutely perfect as it's so lightweight so it would also be ideal for taking on holiday too. 

Make Unicorn Popcorn And Watch A Series On Netflix
My last girly stay at home suggestion is to make some unicorn popcorn and start a new series on Netflix. Unicorn popcorn is basically normal popcorn with melted white chocolate and mini marshmallows through it and I can't wait to make this and serve it in a cute pink bowl. I've been wanting to get into a new series on Netflix for a little while but I can't help rewatching all of the Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars episodes as I just adore them so much. I just wish that they would put Desperate Housewives, 90210, One Tree Hill and all of the Mary Kate And Ashley movies on as that really would make me happy! 

I hope that this has given you a few little ideas for making the most of your time at home and that you are all feeling safe and happy. And remember... after every storm comes a rainbow!