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Cosy Autumn Essentials For An Enchanting And Sparkly Season


Hello lovelies and I hope you’re all doing well! I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted anything on my blog in the longest time but when the autumn and cosy seasons come around, I feel really inspired and all toasty inside like a little cinnamon bun. I just love all of the scented candles, pumpkin spice lattes, twinkly fairy lights, crunchy fallen leaves and cosy sweaters so I thought I would put together a little blog post with some of my cosy autumn essentials for an enchanting and sparkly season…

The White Company Baby Pink Cashmere Socks

I received these gorgeous milkshake pink cosy socks from The White Company as a Christmasgift last year and I have been so excited to bring them back out again for the autumn season. They are made from the softest cashmere fabric and they feel so fluffy and cosy. I can’t wait to cuddle up in them with some pink loungewear on, a pom pom blanket and watch a cute autumnal movie with a hot chocolate.

The White Company Autumn Candle

I also treated myself to this gorgeous Autumncandle from The White Company at the start of September as I just love their beautiful candles and they always smell gorgeous. It’s quite a fresh and fruity scent which is supposed to be like apple picking or walking through a gorgeous woodland on an autumnal sunny day through the fallen leaves as it has notes of pear, quince, apricot and a touch of amber which also makes it quite warming. I have this candle sitting underneath my sparkly love heart mirror next to my glittering pumpkins in my living room and it looks perfect.

Pumpkin Spice Mug

I purchased a couple of these gorgeous little mugs from House Of Sydane last year and I particularly loved the cute little pink pumpkin one which I use so much. When I spotted that she had released new designs for this year, I was smitten and had to order this adorable little pumpkin spice mug which has a pink and pale orange pumpkin with little blushing cheeks and a sweet pumpkin spice latte illustration on it. I can’t wait to make lots of pretty autumnal drinks in this mug!

Fall Recipe Mug

I also found another adorable new little brand called Bubbleglam Designs who have lots of gorgeous mugs and I could honestly buy one of each of them! I chose this lovely little fall in love with autumn mug which has the prettiest pink pumpkin, marshmallow and book illustrations from Haute Glam Studio finished with gold sparkly dots. I just adore it and it makes a cosy hot chocolate with whipped cream and mini marshmallows look even prettier.

Cosy Up With Hot Chocolate Mug

I also bought this sparkly pink hot chocolate mug from Bubbleglam Designs as it was just too cute to resist! I love the white love heart shaped handle and it has the prettiest illustration of a pink hot chocolate mug with a pumpkin on it that says ‘cosy up with hot chocolate‘, a chocolate flake, some whipped cream and mini marshmallows. I can’t wait to add some more of these mugs from Bubbleglam Designs to my collection, especially some Christmas ones!

Hello Pumpkin Mug

I also found another new little brand on Instagram called Cute Creations By Meli which I immediately had to purchase a couple of items from (I’m sorry that this blog post has had lots of autumnal mugs but I’m just obsessed!). I love that this one is a lovely round mug and it’s also clear glass so that you can see through it which is perfect if you want to make a pink unicorn hot chocolate in it. It has the sweetest little orange pumpkin illustration on it as well as ‘hello pumpkin‘ written on it in a cute gold glittery script font. I also can’t wait to purchase more from this little shop!

Spooky Ghost Tumbler 

I know that this little tumbler is more Halloween themed than autumn but I thought I would still include it in this blog post as it’s just too cute not to share. It is the most adorable little plastic tumbler with cute white ghost illustrations that are wearing baby pink bows on their heads and little black bats. It also says ‘spooky‘ in a glittery rose gold script font and comes with a matching glittery straw. This one would be perfect if you like an iced pumpkin spice latte or want to make some spooky cold Halloween drinks!

Pumpkin Spice Lattes And Hot Chocolates

I love nothing more than getting snuggled up on the sofa on a rainy day with some candles burning, a fluffy pair of socks, a pom pom blanket and a mug of your favourite autumn drink. I adore pumpkin spice lattes with fluffy whipped cream during this season but I do also really enjoy a classic hot chocolate with cream and mini marshmallows as well. It’s the perfect season to indulge in a warming sweet drink and they make the perfect accompaniment for a woodland walk through the fallen leaves or a day at a pumpkin patch.

Cinnamon Buns And Sweet Autumn Treats

As well as enjoying some indulgent hot drinks, the autumn season is also perfect for doing a little bit of cosy baking or treating yourself at your favourite coffee shop. I love spiced cinnamon buns at this time of the year with the delicious lemon icing and I think they make the perfect treat whilst cosied up at the fireplace. I also love an apple and blackberry crumble with custard on a rainy evening as an indulgent little pudding. I would also love to try making some pumpkin spice cupcakes with a vanilla buttercream icing and finish them with adorable little pink fondant pumpkins!

Cosy Woodland Socks

I picked up a few of these cosy woodland socks from Tesco last year which I featured in thisautumn blog post, so when I spotted them again this year with a slightly different design, I couldn’t help myself. I love the soft tan, cream, brown and blush pink colours and they are adorned with the most adorable little woodland animals like squirrels and hedgehogs. Perfect to pop on under your fluffy Ugg boots for an autumnal woodland walk!

Cinnamon Buns Candle

I was so excited when Liberty shared these gorgeous autumnal candles on her Instagramstories that I had to pop straight over and purchase one as they look so similar to the Bath And Body Works ones which I so wish that we could get in the UK. It was really hard to choose but I eventually decided on this Cinnamon Buns one which has a cute illustration of a cinnamon bun, pine cones, a hot chocolate and little cinnamon sticks. It smells like a classic cinnamon bun with a vanilla glaze and a little touch of nutmeg which is the perfect cosy warming scent for autumn. These candles from Charmed Aroma also contain a little jewellery surprise once you’ve burnt the candle but I’m not sure if I will actually be able to bring myself to use it as it’s so adorable!

Pumpkin Cupcake Candle

I actually purchased this gorgeous Pumpkin Cupcake candle from Bath And Body Works on eBay a couple of years ago but I have never been able to bring myself to burn it as it’s so pretty that I’ve been keeping it to use as girlie autumnal decor. It has a lovely little illustration of pumpkin spice cupcakes on a pretty pink cake stand and it also has the sweetest little silver embossed pumpkin pattern on the candle lid. It smells like delicious pumpkin spice cupcake batter and creamy vanilla frosting and is the perfect candle to burn whilst enjoying a pumpkin spice latte.

Cinnamon Buns Bubble Bath

I spotted this Cinnamon Buns bubble bath from Philosophy on the Boots website and immediately added it to my basket. I’ve had a few of these gorgeous bubble baths from Philosophy in the past, one of my favourites being the Fresh Cream scent, so I couldn’t resist this lovely autumnal one. It smells exactly like cinnamon buns baking in the oven and sugary cream frosting and it makes the loveliest fluffy bubbles. You can also use these as a shampoo and shower gel as well but I find there is nothing nicer than an indulgent creamy cinnamon bubble bath with all of my scented candles lit!

Glam Wax Autumn Wax Melts

Wax melts are one of my favourite things to burn in my home, alongside candles, and when the autumn time comes around, I get a bit carried away and order lots as I just love all of the pumpkin, baking and sweet spicy scents. Glam Wax is one of the brands that I always purchase from as I love their gorgeous girly packaging and they even have little sprinkles of glitters and sparkles in their wax melts. I picked up a few wax melt pots in the scents Pumpkin Spice Latte, Blueberry Pancakes, Apple Pie And Custard and Marshmallow Pumpkin which all smell so sugary, sweet and yummy. I’ve also preordered one of their gorgeous wax melt advent calendars which I can’t wait for as I think it will make the countdown to Christmas even more special!

Pumpkin Wax Melts

The last autumn essential that I have to show you is some more adorable little wax melts from a brand that is new to me called Pretty Little Wax. As soon as I spotted these gorgeous little pumpkin shaped wax melts, I knew that I was going to have to splurge! Inspired by pumpkin spice lattes, they have the most yummy sweet scent of pumpkin pie blended with espresso, cinnamon and fresh whipped cream which just smells exactly like the delicious seasonal drink. I can’t wait to purchase more from this brand as I also picked up a pretty wax melt pot in Toasted Marshmallow which came sprinkled with pink sparkly glitter and everything was packaged beautifully and even came with a little lollipop.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about some of my cosy autumn essentials and that you all make the most of the season with pumpkin spice lattes, cosy sweaters, snuggly nights with blankets and scented candles and fresh walks through the fallen leaves bundled up with a pom pom hat and scarf.

What are your autumn essentials?


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