Monday, 14 October 2019

Cosy Autumn Purchases

Autumn is definitely my favourite season of the year as I just love all things cosy and cute! As I have purchased quite a few lovely snuggly items recently, I thought it would be nice to put them all together into a little blog post to share with you...

I was really pleased when I managed to find this Yankee Candle in an outlet store as it was one that I had wanted to purchase last year and I couldn't find anywhere. I think it's the perfect autumnal scent as it smells like a mixture of vanilla cake, sweet cream, cinnamon and pumpkin so it will be lovely if you like your sweet sugary scents. I also love the pumpkin cake picture on the jar so it will be really pretty for autumnal decor too!

Tesco Pink Fox Pyjamas
I spotted these gorgeous soft blush pink pyjamas whilst I was having a little browse in Tesco and immediately added them to my basket. I can't seem to find a link to them anywhere online but if you pop in store, I'm sure you would be able to find them. I love the design of the twinkly gold fox with the little eyelashes and stars and it says 'dreaming of the weekend...' in a pretty script font. Perfect for cosying up on the sofa with a hot chocolate in!

Everyday Luxe White Pumpkin Candle
I have to be honest, most of the items in this blog post were total impulse purchases so when I came across this White Pumpkin candle in Home Sense, I couldn't resist! I've never tried any candles from Everyday Luxe before but I love the design of the jar with the pretty rose gold lid and the lovely pumpkin illustrations on the front. This one has a subtle pumpkin scent with a sweet and spicy undertone and basically reminds me of fallen leaves and pumpkin spice lattes!

Tesco Autumn Woodland Animal Socks
I'm sorry, I also couldn't find a link to these pretty autumn socks from Tesco but I thought they were too cute not to share with you. I love treating myself to some new socks around the autumn time and although I do also love the fluffy socks, I thought these ones were adorable. They have cute little illustrations of hedgehogs and squirrels on them in pretty soft pink, cream and brown shades and I love the little gold accents and polka dot details too.

Primark White Bobble Hat
I think this blog post pretty much just emphasises why I shouldn't go shopping as I seem to come home with all of the cute things that I really don't need! Although I already have a couple of pretty bobble hats for over the autumn and winter season, I had to pick up this lovely white cable knit hat with the fluffy pom poms from Primark. I think this one will be perfect for wearing with cable knit sweaters, cardigans and Ugg boots!

Primark Hot Chocolate Pyjamas
I really didn't need any more pyjamas but after seeing these hot chocolate ones from Primark on Catherine's Instagram stories, I had to pick them up. They have the loveliest design of little hot chocolate cups complete with pink fluffy marshmallows and adorable red and white striped candy canes so I'm not sure if they're actually meant to be part of the Christmas range but I love them!

Next White Pumpkin Dish
I also came across this adorable little pumpkin ceramic dish from Next whilst I was having a little look. I love Next for all of their gorgeous homeware pieces and as we are hopefully moving into our new home at the start of November, I can finally treat myself to some pretty new things. This actually comes in a set of two little white dishes with golden pumpkin stalks and I thought they'd be so cute for serving up a cosy casserole or an enchanting apple crumble in.

Pastel Pink Pumpkins
Everyone is obsessed with painting pumpkins this year and it seems to have taken over the trend for carving them which I am really happy about. I bought a couple of gorgeous ceramic pumpkins from Hobbycraft and decided to paint them a soft shade of pastel pink complete with little silver stalks. I then tied them with a silky pink satin ribbon and they complete any girly space perfectly!

The last little item that I have to show you is this Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar from Lush which always puts me in the autumn mood. I'm so glad that they've brought it back again this year as I love the design of the orange sparkly pumpkin which has been dunked in gold glitter and even comes complete with a little stalk. This one is the perfect mix of sweet and spicy and turns my bath water a gorgeous golden glitter complete with loads of fluffy bubbles and is a lovely treat for those cold blustery autumn nights.

What do you think of my cosy autumn purchases?


Monday, 7 October 2019

Pink Pumpkin Spice Prettiness | Girly Autumn Wallpapers For Your Phone

Hello lovelies! I was really excited when I asked over on my Instagram stories if anyone would like to see some pretty autumnal wallpapers for your phone and I got a 100% yes! After downloading some of the most adorable graphics from Blog Pixie, Haute Glam Design and Pretty And Creative, I was also inspired by Milk Bubble Tea and Catherine to create the sweetest little girly wallpapers full of pink prettiness, pumpkins, marshmallows and enchanted woodland animals. To save, all you have to do is right click on a computer or laptop or hold down to save the image on your phone. I really hope that you like them...


Which one is your favourite?


Wednesday, 2 October 2019

An Enchanting Autumn To Do List

Autumn is my favourite season if you can't already tell! I adore all of the cosy cashmere sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, pastel pink pumpkins and fallen leaves. After reading Catherine and Sophie's blog posts, I felt inspired to write a girly and enchanting autumn to do list...

Visit A Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin picking is definitely one of the cutest autumnal activities and is perfect if you have little ones. Last year, my friend and I visited a pumpkin patch on a gorgeous sunny day bundled up in our cosy sweaters where we picked pumpkins, walked round a little hay maze and then finished our afternoon off with a pumpkin spice latte and some cinnamon donuts.

Update Your Wardrobe With Some Autumn Staples
I absolutely love fall fashion and as soon as the leaves start to change colour, I start to introduce some new pretty and girly pieces into my wardrobe. I like to wear a mixture of sweet baby pinks, creams and soft neutral colours over the autumn with lots of fluffy pom pom hats, sweaters and adorable Ugg boots adorned with satin bows. One of the sweaters that I'm currently heart-eyed over is this pretty fluffy pink one from Pretty Little Thing.

Treat Yourself To A Hot Chocolate In Your Favourite Mug
I always think that when autumn comes around that it's the perfect time to indulge in some sweet warm drinks and cosying up with a hot chocolate and some Netflix makes for the perfect evening. I treated myself to this pretty Freya Swan Mug from Sass And Belle which has the loveliest powder pink lining and little blush cheeks and fluttery lashes which will be perfect for a fairytale hot chocolate complete with mini marshmallows and fluffy cream.

Go On A Woodland Fairy Trail 
I've always thought that it would be the loveliest idea to go on a little woodland fairy trail especially during the autumn time! Even though it may be more suited to little girls, I think it would be so magical to bundle up in a cosy scarf and spend a whimsical afternoon walking around the forest looking for little pastel fairy doors and cute woodland animals.

Bake An Apple And Blackberry Crumble 
Baking something sweet and comforting at this time of the year is always a good idea and my favourite dessert to make is an apple and blackberry crumble served with double cream. I bought the prettiest little white and gold pumpkin dishes from Next which I think will be perfect for autumnal baking! 

Paint Some Pastel Pink Pumpkins And Sprinkle Them With Princessy Glitter
I always used to enjoy carving pumpkins but now that pumpkin painting has become a trend it's totally taken over for me! Painting pumpkins in pretty pastel pink shades and sprinkling them with silver glitter and dainty confetti stars is so perfect if you want to add some girly autumnal decor to your home. I bought some of these ceramic pumpkins from Hobbycraft and I have painted them a pretty powder pink shade with little metallic silver stalks. You could also paint them soft shades of cream or baby blue and tie them with a silky satin ribbon for a Cinderella feel. 

Snuggle Up With A Fluffy Blanket And A Pumpkin Spice Latte
Cosy afternoons snuggled on the sofa under a fluffy blanket when the rain is battering down outside are one of my favourite things to do during the autumn time. I treated myself to this gorgeous cream chunky knit blanket which will be perfect for snuggly Netflix afternoons and I also have this pretty pink pom pom blanket that I bought from Laura Ashley last year (I'm really tempted to splurge on the lovely pom pom cushion to match!). A pumpkin spice latte with fluffy whipped cream is my favourite autumn drink and whether you treat yourself to one from Starbucks or make one at home in a princessy mug, they are the perfect little indulgence! 

Make Some Toffee And Chocolate Candy Apples
I love a little toffee apple as a cute autumnal treat. The contrast of the sweet sugary caramel with the crunchy apple is so delicious and perfect if you are attending a fireworks display. I also really want to have a try at making some chocolate apples too and I'd love to make some baby pink white chocolate candy apples complete with mini marshmallows and tied with a ribbon bow. 

Go On A Misty Morning Walk Through The Fallen Leaves
Going on an early morning walk when it's cold and misty is one of my favourite things to do. I love to get bundled up in a cosy pom pom hat, a big fluffy sweater and my Ugg boots and take some time out to have a walk through the crunchy leaves. I also like to take a warm drink with me in my Disney princess castle tumbler to enjoy if it's really cold and crisp.

Make Some Fluffy Cinnamon Buns
I've never made cinnamon buns before but I think they look like the perfect autumnal bake. I'd love to have a go at these ones from Manuela's recipe over at Passion For Baking and I think the sweet vanilla bun, lemon frosting and dusting of cinnamon would be delicious with a hot drink. 

Treat Yourself To A Fall Scented Candle And Some Twinkly Fairy Lights
Scented candles and twinkly fairy lights are one of my favourite things about the autumn season and I always like to treat myself to a few new ones around this time of the year. Last year, I bought a Pumpkin Cupcake one from Bath And Body Works which I've been using as pretty autumnal decor. It has the loveliest pastel design of a little cupcake on the front and the lid is silver with a pretty pumpkin design embossed on it. It smells like whipped buttercream, sugary vanilla and cupcake batter but I don't think I can actually bring myself to burn it. This year, I bought the Luscious Pumpkin Trifle and Warm Cashmere scents from Yankee Candle which both smell really cosy and autumnal and I also picked up a White Pumpkin candle from Home Sense which also smells delicious too. 

Make An Enchanting Autumn Pinterest Board
I'm totally addicted to Pinterest and I love to get cosied up with my candles on and have a little browse through all of the pretty pictures and inspirational ideas. I created an Enchanting Autumn board at the start of the season which I've loved adding to. It's made me want to bake all of the sweet autumnal treats, buy pretty pink knitwear and decorate my home with pumpkins and fairy lights everywhere. 

Go To A Fireworks Display With Some Toasted Marshmallows And Love Heart Sparklers
My last girly autumnal idea is to go to watch a fireworks display on a lovely crisp and cold evening. There is nothing better than getting cosied up in a fluffy hat, scarf and mittens and watching all of the beautiful sparkly fireworks glittering in the sky. You could even toast some marshmallows on a bonfire or take along some love heart sparklers to make your evening extra special. 

I hope that you liked this post! What are your favourite things to do during the autumn season?