About Me

Hello lovelies and welcome to my little blog!

I've been told before that my life must be like living in a fluffy cotton candy dream and my pink filled Instagram would probably have you believe that. I'm a lover of blush pink, cream roses, prosecco, luxury makeup and pretty little homeware accessories. My heart refuses to say no to pretty pink things and my blog is my little space for all things girly. 

♡ pink champagne ♡ cherry blossom ♡ pink candy cocktails ♡ strawberry milkshakes ♡ sparkly prosecco ♡ fairytale castles ♡ pink and cream roses ♡ sugar cookies ♡ candyfloss ♡ fluffy pink stilettos ♡ pretty princess cakes ♡ pink peonies ♡ cashmere socks ♡ blush pink hot chocolates ♡ glittery pastel unicorns ♡ melted marshmallows ♡ pretty pink makeup ♡ cotton candy makeup brushes ♡ dreamy pink handbags ♡ peggy porschen cake parlour ♡ manicure pink nails ♡ love heart popcorn ♡ chocolate covered strawberries ♡ cotton candy pink bubble baths ♡ pink sugary macarons ♡ satin ribbon bows ♡

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope that you like my posts!


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