Thursday, 5 December 2019

Beauticology Unicorn Candy Christmas Gifting Set

I absolutely adore the Unicorn Candy range from Baylis & Harding as the products are just dreamy and the packaging is so beautiful. As soon as I spotted this 3 Piece House Setit went straight onto my Christmas wishlist as it looks like a fairytale candy cottage. The products themselves have pretty pastel packaging with lilac candy stripes and a beautiful floral pattern and they also have gorgeous sweet sugary scents so I thought I would share this lovely set with you...

Unicorn Candy Body Wash
The first product included in this dreamy little set is the Unicorn Candy Body Wash which has a creamy vanilla and marzipan scent and contains skin softening shea butter. It lathers up really nicely and will be perfect to add a little touch of unicorn sparkle to your shower! 

Vanilla Ice Moisturising Shower Creme
I love the scent of this moisturising shower creme as it smells really sweet and reminds me of vanilla ice cream cones. The snowy white bottle is also really pretty and I'm looking forward to using this one in the summer time! 

Ice Cream Sundae Hand & Body Lotion
The last item included in the set is this lovely little hand and body lotion which comes in a gorgeous sugary pink tube with a little stripe of iridescent silver glitter around the top. This one smells like sweet candy and ice cream cones and would be a lovely one for taking on a summer holiday with you. 

What do you think of this Unicorn Candy gifting set? 


Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Fairytale Disney Christmas Gift Guide

I was completely in love when I read Catherine's beautiful fairytale princess gift guide over on her blog and it inspired me to pop together a similar Disney one as she had featured so many lovely items. Catherine has been sharing lots of gorgeous girly gift guides over on her blog so you should definitely have a little look for some inspiration! I adore the magical pale pink Disney Pandora charms, with the Sleeping Beauty Castle Charm and Fantasyland charms being top of my own Christmas wishlist. I love my dainty pink Magical Moments Marie Mug for sipping hot chocolate in and it would make the perfect gift for a fellow Marie lover. I also recently ordered the gorgeous Frozen makeup collection from Colourpop which has whimsical icy blue packaging adorned with snowflakes and I love the look of the Cinderella pale blue pumpkin carriage which would be the perfect ornament for a girly Christmas tree. I hope you enjoy...

Have any of these Disney items made it on to your Christmas wishlist?


Sunday, 1 December 2019

Girly Things To Do Over The Festive Season

December is my favourite month of the year by far as I love all of the magic and excitement on the way up to Christmas like drinking toffee nut lattes snuggled on the sofa watching Christmas movies, visiting Christmas markets for Nutella crepes with mini marshmallows and decorating my tree with pretty pink and silver baubles. I thought I'd pop a few little girly ideas together for you to do to make your festive season even more special... 

Make A Pastel Sweetie Gingerbread House
I don't think the festive season is quite complete until I've decorated a little gingerbread house and whilst also looking really cute, they are also yummy to eat and you can break them up into little gingerbread sugar cookies. I usually just buy the sets from Home Bargains that are ready for you just to stick together and decorate as it's so much easier than making one from scratch. Obviously, I had to go with a really girly theme and I decorated mine with white and pink shimmery love hearts, pearls, a pink satin bow wreath and little mini marshmallows along the top! 

Go Outdoor Ice Skating Under The Twinkly Lights
Another cute little wintery activity is to go outdoor ice skating under the twinkly fairy lights. You can get dressed up like Blair Waldorf  in pretty pastel knitwear and go for a little twirl with your friends or make it into a cute date night followed by hot chocolates and marshmallows to warm you up after! 

Wrap Up Your Christmas Presents With Pretty Satin Bows
I know that this may seem really sad but I absolutely love wrapping Christmas presents and would quite happily make this a full time job if it were possible. I always like to get cosied up with a cute Christmas film on in the background or some Christmas songs, make a gingerbread latte and lose myself in wrapping for a few hours. I bought some really pretty white and silver snowflake wrapping paper from Home Bargains and also some gorgeous pink and white dainty swan wrapping paper and gift bags from Matalan and WH Smith. I also picked up some sweet little pink unicorn gift bags and wrapping paper from The Range too! 

Visit A Christmas Market
There's something about visiting a Christmas market that just makes you feel all cosy and toasty inside like a little cinnamon bun and even more festive. I usually like to visit Edinburgh's Christmas Market as it has lots of beautiful quaint little stalls and also does the yummiest Nutella crepes stuffed with cream, mini marshmallows and drizzled with hot Belgian chocolate sauce! 

Do Some Festive Baking
If you're feeling especially creative over the festive season, there's nothing nicer than coming home to the smell of sweet Christmas treats baking in the kitchen. The scent of vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg always makes me feel so Christmassy and cosy and you get to enjoy your delicious goodies after too, so what could be better? I really fancy having a go at these Christmassy Crinkle Cookies as the icing sugar looks like dusted snow but you could also try Bailey's brownies or sweet little gingerbread men finished with pink bows. I also really want to make some little pastel Christmas cupcakes with snowmen, pink and white candy canes, snowy houses, Christmas trees, pearl stockings and little knitted mittens complete with snowflakes. 

Decorate Your Home For Christmas
I actually put my tree up in November this year as I was far too excited for Christmas and couldn't contain it any longer! I have a really lovely snowy flocked Christmas tree for my living room which I love to decorate with a mixture of white, silver and sparkly Christmas baubles. I also have a smaller white flocked tree for my beauty room which I have loads of gorgeous pink, girly and rainbow baubles and decorations like unicorns and swans for. I also treated myself to these gorgeous white and silver starry stockings as we finally have a fireplace in our new home as well as this pretty 'baby it's cold outside' Christmas cushion from Matalan and twinkly 'Let It Snow' sign also from Matalan.

Cosy Up With A Hot Chocolate And Watch Christmas Movies
I pretty much find an excuse to make hot chocolates throughout all of the winter months but on the lead-up to Christmas, it seems to be even more acceptable to snuggle up on the sofa and pop on a Christmas film. Some of my favourites are The Holiday, The Sweetest Christmas, The Holiday Tree and I recently watched The Princess Switch on Netflix which was such a cute little movie! 

Have A Girly Christmas Shopping Day
If you've not quite finished your Christmas shopping yet, why not make it into something fun and have a little girly day with one of your friends? I particularly love popping into The White Company at this time of the year as they always have the loveliest Christmas decorations and gift ideas and you can treat yourself to a little glass of prosecco or a coffee for a much-needed relax. I also think going for a festive afternoon tea with pink champagne cocktails would be the loveliest way to spend an afternoon too! 

Try A New Festive Coffee Or Hot Chocolate
I get really excited every year for the release of the limited edition Christmas drinks from Starbucks and Costa, and whilst I'm usually a cappuccino girl at heart, I can't resist something a little sweeter and naughty at this time of the year. I love gingerbread and toffee nut lattes and also blackforest hot chocolates but I think my favourite one this year has to be the Costa hazelnut praline latte with cream which tastes like a Ferrero Rocher. Plus the Christmas cups are adorable! 

Have A Princessy Pink Sparkly Bubble Bath
I can't be the only girl that finds a festive bath even more special as it's an excuse for candyfloss scented bubbles and lots of sparkles, can I? Taking some time out for a little pamper is so important at this time of the year to relax and make the most of the Christmas period. I'm looking forward to having a pink bubble bath on Christmas Eve complete with my Lush Magic Wand Bubble Bar and Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb, lighting some Christmassy candles and drinking an indulgent creamy white hot chocolate! 

Visit Peggy Porschen's Pink Winter Cake Parlour
I was lucky enough to visit the Peggy Porschen cake parlour in London a few years ago and I fell in love with the pastel pink decor and heavenly cakes and cupcakes. It's always done up like a dreamy winter wonderland complete with white poinsettias, pretty wreaths and beautiful sparkly decorations. Their Sugar And Ice collection for 2019 is inspired by the Arctic and is like a snow filled fairytale with icy blues, soft mints and powder pinks and a dreamy selection of polar bear, penguin and winter bakes. I'd particularly love to try the Shimmering Snowflake Cupcake, Ice Blue Igloo Cookie and the Pink Polar Bear Cookie

Treat Yourself To A New Festive Candle
There's something about the winter season that makes me want to light all of my candles and get as snuggly as possible so it's always lovely to treat yourself to some new festive candles. I have Spiced White Cocoa, Snowflake Cookie and Sugar Frost Christmas all from Yankee Candle and I can't wait to make my living room smell like a sugary sweet festive bakery. I love The White Company's Winter candle which has notes of cinnamon and orange, smells really spicy and is like a little log cabin. I also treated myself to the Bath And Body Works Spiced Gingerbread and Champagne Toast candles which both smell so festive and have the loveliest silver bauble design on the lids.

Buy Some New Christmas Eve Pyjamas
One of the nicest things about the winter season is being able to cuddle up in your pyjamas on a cold and miserable afternoon and I always love to treat myself to a new pair of pyjamas for Christmas Eve. I found the cosiest fluffy reindeer pyjamas in Primark which are a light champagne gold glitter colour and have a fluffy red nose too! 

Go For A Snowy Woodland Walk
My last girly suggestion is getting all bundled up and going for a woodland walk through the snow. I think everywhere just looks so much prettier when it has a dusting of icing sugar snow over the top of it and delicate little icicles hanging from the tree branches. I love wearing my pink swan pom pom hat, ruffled scarf and bow Ugg boots and you can reward yourself with a marshmallow hot chocolate when you come in out of the cold! 

I really hope that this has given you a few cute little ideas! What do you love to do over the festive season? 


Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Glam Wax Christmas Wax Melts

After treating myself to a few wax melt bars from Glam Wax which I featured in my Cosy Girly Wax Melts blog post, I was so impressed with the quality and all of the gorgeous scents, so when they released all of their new Christmas scents, I was so excited and couldn't wait to pop together a blog post. I realise that not all of the scents featured are specifically for Christmas but I hope you'll forgive me as they were too delicious to miss out... 

I absolutely love this one! Glittering Star has a beautiful white and silver sparkly design which goes perfectly with all of my Christmas decor in my living room and the scent is just gorgeous. It smells really luxurious and festive with notes of nutmeg, ginger, cassis and sugar plum on a base of sandalwood. 

I think this one is supposed to be based on the Yankee Candle Fluffy Towels candle which is one of my favourites and it smells really similar. It's a lovely and clean fresh scent that makes me think of stepping out of an indulgent bubble bath and putting on a fluffy dressing gown. This one has notes of rose, jasmine, lily and a base of musk. 

I think this is also another one that is supposed to be based on a Yankee Candle and I adore the Snow In Love scent as well as the creamy white and glittery design. It smells very clean and festive with notes of wood and powder and reminds me of a winter walk through the snow.

I think this one looks like something out of Disney's Frozen and should belong in an enchanting snow filled fairytale! It smells like crisp fresh snow and a forest of pine trees and also has a little hint of eucalyptus to it. I love the gorgeous icy blue and silver glitter sparkle in this one. 

I thought this one looked so Christmassy with the lovely white and red festive glitter and I can never resist anything to do with candy canes! It has a very sweet mint smell and contains peppermint, sugar cane and sweet vanilla. This one will be perfect for burning before taking my little one to visit Santa! 

I couldn't resist this Baked Cookies one as I love all of the sweet and sugary scents and it has a lovely brown and gold sparkle. This little bar is a mixture of sweet vanilla, sugar and chocolate and smells just like a fresh batch of cookies baking in the oven! 

I actually have this one burning whilst I'm writing this blog post and my bedroom smells like a sugary sweet coffee heaven! It contains creamy vanilla, sweet caramel sauce and a milky coffee base which gives it a subtle latte hint. Perfect if you love your Christmassy coffees! 

The last item that I chose is this Warm Vanilla Sugar bar which smells really sweet and also a little musky. It contains creamy vanilla and brown sugar and reminds me a little of cinema popcorn. I also love the creamy gold sparkles in this one! 

Have you tried any wax melt bars from Glam Wax? 


Saturday, 23 November 2019

Season's Treatings | A Pretty Christmas Gift Guide For Her

I'm really hoping that you'll not be fed up with seeing Christmas gift guide posts as I still really wanted to create one myself! I couldn't resist popping together some of the lovely pink and girly items that I already have and love and are ones that I think would make perfect presents if you need to finish off your Christmas shopping... 

The lovely Freya over at Freya's Fairytale popped this gorgeous Pink Champagne Candle from Chickidee into her princessy Christmas gift guide last year and I treated myself to one but I also think it would make the perfect gift. I'm not sure if I'll be able to bring myself to burn it as it's so pretty so I might just keep it for decor. It's a lovely sugary pink colour and has a luxe gold lid and actually smells like popping open a bottle of bubbly champagne so it's a perfect girly treat!

Another makeup item which is perfect for the winter time is this Sugar Cream Lip Treatment from Fresh. These lip products moisturise and smooth the lips whilst also leaving behind a subtle colour and the shade I have is 'Baby' which is a lovely soft nude pink. I love the pink and silver tube which would also make for a sweet little stocking filler. I'd also love to try out some products from the Fresh skincare range, particularly the Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream and Serum which both sound dreamy! 
I adore getting my nails done and I think it's one of the nicest little pamper treats but I find that I don't always have time to go and get them done as much as I would like. I love these little Gel Nail Polishes from Le Mini Macaron especially the gorgeous pastel shade range and this pretty 'Fairy Floss' is a sugary baby pink colour which is perfect for princessy manicures. Whilst you do need to set these with a UV lamp to get the full benefit of the gel polish, this would make a lovely gift idea and the little bottles are adorable! 

These gorgeous liquid eyeshadows from Stila are one of my favourite festive makeup products so I had to include this stunning pink shade in my gift guide. 'Ballet Baby' is a really beautiful glittery lilac pink which is actually quite subtle once applied to your eyelid. I've used this one lots and I've found that with these liquid eyeshadows it is easier to pat them on with your finger rather than trying to blend them in with a brush. This one looks lovely over the top of other eyeshadows for a princessy shimmery finish and there are lots of other pretty shades available too.

I was very kindly treated to the SL Miss Glam Princess Vibes makeup bag from my husband as a Christmas gift last year and I love it. Stephanie creates the most girly and gorgeous makeup brushes sparkled with unicorns, glitter, mermaids and sweet candy treats and she also has a beautiful range of makeup bags and a pretty pink Jewellery Travel Case which is on my Christmas wishlist for this year. This Princess Vibes makeup bag is a gorgeous sugary pink colour and has a delicate gold script font on it so I love to display it on top of my makeup drawers for decor. I was surprised at how much I can actually fit inside it as well so I keep all of my everyday items like blusher, highlighter and powders in this one! 

I'm not going to lie, I bought this product initially because of the pretty pink compact and the fact that it was embossed with the loveliest heart print, oops! This pressed highlighter is a really nice quality however and blends out beautifully to give your skin a subtle winter shimmer. There are two shades available, the one that I have is called 'Like A Diamond' which is a pretty shimmery pink and there is also 'Shine Bright' which is more of a golden shade. I always love to receive new makeup items for Christmas and when they are packaged as prettily as this, what girl could say no?

I found this lovely 'but first prosecco' mug whilst I was in Tesco and I thought it was a cute little idea for a stocking filler or a secret Santa gift. Most girls love drinking prosecco and I love the sweet pink and white glittery design of this mug for having your morning coffee in. It also comes with a little packet of raspberry prosecco infused teabags and is giftwrapped really prettily too! 

I love this pretty soft pink jewellery case from Ava & I which I use to store all of my dainty jewellery pieces in like my Pandora bracelet and a silver crystal love heart necklace. It is the loveliest milky marshmallow pink colour and has 'Bling Bling' written across the top in a dainty gold script font. Inside the jewellery case is a light grey velvet lining and a small tray for storing items like earrings and rings in with a larger space underneath for your other jewellery pieces. It's perfect for travelling with as it's compact but also stores a lot and doesn't take up much room in your suitcase! 

As soon as I spotted this beautiful Freya Swan mug from Sass And Belle, I instantly added it straight to my basket! I love snowy swans at this time of the year as I think they look so enchanting and fairytale-esque and this mug is just perfection. It has the loveliest sugary pink lining on the inside and has dainty gold foil wing detailing on the outside. The handle is shaped like a graceful swan complete with long black eyelashes, a gold beak and pink blushing cheeks which is just beautiful and will definitely make your hot chocolates look even prettier. I also treated myself to the matching bowl and the salt and pepper shakers so you could gift someone a little set too! 

One of the prettiest perfume bottles that I have spotted recently is this Thank U Next fragrance from Ariana Grande. Inspired by her hit song, the bottle is shaped like a broken love heart with the clear pink perfume in the middle. It smells really sweet, fruity and girly with notes of white pear, raspberry, coconut cream, pink rose petals, macaron sugar and velvet musk and would be a gorgeous one to find under your Christmas tree. 

The last item that I have to show you is this Disney princess castle trinket dish which I bought from B&M. I love trinket dishes and have far too many of them but when I saw this gorgeous white princess castle one with twinkling gold stars and 'make your own fairytale' written on it, how could I say no? It's perfect for popping on your bedside table to store any trinkets and will look gorgeous in any girly bedroom! 

I hope that you enjoyed my girly gift guide and that you're all feeling cosy and Christmassy snuggled up by your twinkling Christmas trees and indulging in a gingerbread latte with cream. I'd love to know what's on your Christmas wishlist this year!


Tuesday, 19 November 2019

A Princessy Christmas Wishlist

For those of you who are yet to make a start on your Christmas shopping, I've popped together a little Christmassy wishlist of some of the loveliest pink and pretty products that I would be delighted to receive. Although this is basically just my wishlist, I think some of these would also make the perfect gift suggestion for a girly girl...

What's on your Christmas wishlist?