Saturday, 15 December 2018

Cosy Winter Pieces For An Enchanting And Sparkly Season

Although autumn is my favourite season, I actually really love winter time too as I adore all of the twinkly fairylights, cosy pink scarves and gloves, cute bobble hats, apple crumbles with custard and snowy woodland walks with a hazelnut latte topped with cream so I thought it would be nice to put together a little blog post with some of my favourite girly essentials for a cosy and sparkly season... 

I love to burn candles all year round but I do find that during winter, a pretty candle can really cheer up a dull room and make it seem all cosy and sparkly. I also love getting snuggled up in the living room with a few scented tealights burning and reading a couple of chapters of my book so I had to include a Yankee Candle in this little blog post. I like most of their wintery and Christmas scents but my favourite is definitely this Snowflake Cookie one. It’s a pale pastel pink colour with a lovely Christmas illustration on the front and it has a sugary sweet icing scent. I would also recommend Snow In Love if you like fresh, icy scents or Christmas Cookie if you like sweet bakery yumminess! 

Swans seem to be everywhere at the moment which I’m very pleased about as I think they look so elegant and dreamy with their fluffy white feathers so when I spotted this hat on Asda's website, I purchased it straightaway. Even though it’s actually from the children’s section (ssssh!), it surprisingly fits me really well and feels really soft and cosy. It’s a beautiful soft wintery pink shade with a ribbed texture at the bottom and a fluffy white pom pom on the top but my favourite part has to be the dainty swan complete with false lashes, pink blush cheeks and a gold sparkly princess crown! 

For me, winter time is all about snuggling up under cosy blankets with a hot chocolate and Disney princess films, so when I came across this beautiful blush pink blanket on the Laura Ashley website, I needed it. I actually managed to get it slightly reduced which I was really pleased about as the quality is amazing and I love the cream pom poms which add such a cute touch. It looks lovely draped over my sofa for decor and adds a little touch of girliness to my living room. 
Cosy Festive Drinks 
One of the things that I really love most about the winter time is having the excuse to make hot chocolates and festive coffees until my heart is content! I’m always happy with a yummy hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and mini marshmallows but this year I have also been enjoying some gingerbread and toffee nut lattes too. I also love using pretty mugs and I thought this lovely pink star one was so perfect for the winter time and I completed this hot chocolate with teeny edible gold stars for a fairytale finish! 

Yummy Winter Treats 
The winter season is always the perfect time to try a little baking and I don’t think there’s anything nicer than coming in out of the cold to the sugary scent of cookies baking in the oven or the spicy aromas of ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon. I’d love to try making a blackberry, raspberry and apple crumble over the next few months and I'd also like to try making some Christmas cupcakes too. If you can’t bake a little sweet treat in winter to cheer you up from all of the rain and cold weather, then when can you?
I decided to treat myself to some pretty new gloves to make the winter season seem a little less miserable and I spotted these baby pink ones from Katie Loxton in a local gift shop. I love the dainty pearl detailing and they feel so soft and keep my hands lovely and toasty. There is also a matching cable knit hat and scarf available which I have added to my Christmas wishlist as I think wearing the whole set would make you look like a sugary pink marshmallow! 

I’ve actually had this Bath Blaster a couple of times before but I think it’s a lovely one for a cold wintery day. It smells like a mixture of yummy marshmallow, strawberry and sweet candyfloss. It contains pure jasmine and coconut oils which also add a slight undertone of sugar and caramel so it is definitely a sweet one. I love the design as it’s simple with a pale pink outer shell, a swirl of candy pink inside and it has tiny specks of silver glitter dusted over the top. 

I had to buy myself a new pair of cosy slippers for the winter season and I found this gorgeous pink pair from a brand called Pretty You London. They have lots of sweet designs and these slippers are so pretty but yet so comfortable at the same time and I’ve had lots of wear out of them already. These ones have fluffy white pom poms on the back and a little quote that says ‘chase your dreams’ and then a little champagne silver moon and star appliqué on the front which is so fitting for the festive season. 

As the weather has been much colder recently, a good lip balm has become a bedside table necessity for me and I’m totally in love with this one from Dior. It smells like creamy vanilla and angel cake and leaves a slight pink tint on your lips as well as helping to keep them soft and moisturised. And the pastel pink packaging is just beautiful! 

What are your favourite things about the winter season? I hope this one is full of cosy hot chocolates with gooey marshmallows, snowman-making and snuggly pink knitwear! 


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