Sunday, 15 December 2019

Anastasia Beverly Hills Holiday Loose Glitters Set | Enchanting Snowy Sparkles

As soon as I spotted the Anastasia Beverly Hills Christmas sneak peeks on Instagram stories, I completely fell in love with this beautiful Holiday Loose Glitters Set which just looked so magical and sparkly. Even though it is coming up to Christmas and I could have popped this onto my pretty pink wishlist, I decided to splurge on it instead on the day it was released as I was too scared it would sell out. The packaging was too beautiful and whimsical to resist and the gorgeous selection of glitters will be perfect for sparkling your way through the Christmas season. 

The set comes in the most stunning pale pink box that is covered in a fine glitter sparkle and then has a sleeve dusted in iridescent silver snowflakes over the top. I even love the fact that the little plastic clasp at the side of the box folds over to make a love heart which is the cutest little detail. I think I might have to hold onto this packaging to store my glitters in as it is far too pretty to throw away and it would be perfect for Christmas gifting as it looks so enchanting and festive. 

The Holiday Loose Glitters Set contains five beautiful sparkling pigments which each have a unique colour reflex and a glitter adhesive. They are the finest glitters which make them so easy to apply and you can create a wide range of makeup looks with these as well as using them to enhance your highlighter or as a body sparkle. I've tried out a couple of them over the top of some light champagne pink eyeshadows and they just add the most princessy and whimsical finishing touch. I think these would be so lovely for a festive party or even just to add a little sparkle to your makeup for a visit to a Christmas market. The glitter adhesive is really easy to apply too and the pigments essentially stick to the top of it which means they last for ages as well and don't crease. 

The shades are all a gorgeous snowy white glitter and each have a beautiful colour reflex to them. All of the glitters are so pretty but I think my favourite shades have to be 'Snowfall' which is an iridescent white with a rainbow reflex and 'Glisten' which is a lovely winter white with a soft pink and lilac reflex. However, I also think that 'Mistletoe' would be so magical if you wanted to create an enchanting Elsa ice princess look! 

I'm so impressed with the quality of these beautiful Loose Glitters and I now really want to try some of the Loose Eyeshadows from Anastasia Beverly Hills as they have such a gorgeous range of shades. It would also make the prettiest gift for a sparkling princess to unwrap this Christmas! 

What do you think of this set? 


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