Saturday, 21 December 2019

Enchanting Girly Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

I have been so excited to pop this blog post together ever since I came across some of the most adorable wrapping paper and gift bags when the shops started releasing their Christmas ranges. I really enjoy wrapping presents and I love nothing more than to get cosied up with a marshmallow hot chocolate, my Christmas tree twinkling and a cute Christmas movie on in the background whilst I make all of my presents look pretty. I usually stick to a theme with my gift wrapping each year and whilst I love all of my whites, silvers and sparkles, I decided to go a little more girly this year and include pink shimmering snowflakes, snowy swans and fairytale unicorns so I hope this provides you with some inspiration if you still have some last minute gift wrapping to finish...

The first roll of whimsical wrapping paper that I came across was this gorgeous sugary pink unicorn print from The Range. They have a whole set of beautiful unicorn wrapping essentials this year so I was totally in my element and I don't even care if this is meant to be for little ones because I just love it. The magical unicorns have gorgeous pastel manes and tails and are wearing cute pink Santa hats which is so cute and festive. I also picked up the matching gift tags which have a pretty baby pink ribbon so that you can tie them onto your presents and add a little touch of unicorn sparkliness! 

My eyes lit up like a glittering heart-eyed emoji when I came across this beautiful dainty swan wrapping paper on the WH Smith website. I'm so happy that snowy swans seem to be on trend at the minute as I think they look so fairytale-esque and perfect for the winter and Christmas season if you like to go for more of a girly theme. The wallpaper comes in a snowy white and a lovely soft cotton candy pink each adorned with the most beautiful whimsical swan princesses and shimmering gold snowflake details. I also purchased the matching gift tags which add the loveliest finishing touch and just complete the whole princessy look when tied on with a pink satin ribbon. I also treated myself to the beautiful matching white swan gift bag which I think I might actually keep for decor in my beauty room as it's so whimsical and pretty and I just adore the swan illustration with the glittering gold details. I always find that WH Smith have a gorgeous range of gift wrapping but this one is definitely my favourite creation so far! 

I love using satin pink ribbons in my photography for my blog and my Instagram which is probably really obvious but I just think that tying a pretty bow around items gives them an extra special girly touch. As I'd decided to go for a pink fairytale theme for my Christmas gift wrapping this year, there is nothing better than a gorgeous pink satin bow tied around your presents to make them even more princessy. Of course, you don't just need to stick to pink but I think this lovely soft baby pink shade looks wintery and girly without being too sugary sweet and you can buy some gorgeous shades of pastel ribbons quite cheaply in craft stores or on eBay. 

As soon as I spotted this unicorn wrapping box, I bought it even though I have no idea if I'm actually going to use it for a Christmas gift. It matches the beautiful unicorn Christmas paper and gift tags that I mentioned above and has a pretty hot pink lid with a baby pink base. I love the whimsical unicorns wearing Santa hats and I think this would be perfect for giftwrapping for a little one or you could even use it as a Christmas Eve box. I've popped mine under my Christmas tree for decor and it looks so magical and enchanting! 

I also couldn't resist the unicorn gift bags as they are just perfection in my eyes! They come in a few different sizes so I bought a small, medium and a larger one and I think my husband may actually use them for wrapping my presents with. I love the pastel pink shade and whimsical unicorn on the front and they also say 'believe in the magic of Christmas' which is just adorable! 

The last item which I had to include in this blog post is this beautiful shimmering pink snowflake wrapping paper also from Matalan. I think this one is lovely if you want to have a girly theme but want to go for something a little more traditional than unicorns or swans. It has the prettiest iridescent snowflake pattern and I think it looks perfect finished with a big pink satin bow! 

I hope that you've enjoyed reading about some of my Christmas gift wrapping ideas and that you're all nearly finished your Christmas shopping. Which item is your favourite? 


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