Friday, 13 December 2019

Lush Christmas Splurge

As soon as the Lush Christmas products are released, I always get a little excited and have to make an order! I think winter is the perfect time to indulge in a sparkly pink bubble bath as the weather outside is just miserable and with all of the craziness of Christmas, it's lovely to take a little time out for yourself to have a pamper. I've picked out the most girly pink products from this year's collection and I had to share them all with you...

The first product that went straight into my basket was this adorable little shimmery pearl polar bear bubble bar as he was just too cute to resist! This little one contains spearmint so it smells very fresh and icy and the girl in the Lush store said it would be a good one if you have the cold. All you have to do is crumble this little polar bear under the warm running water and it creates a blanket of snowy white bubbles.

As soon as I spotted this gorgeous little shimmer bar, I fell in love and thought it was like something that Elsa from Frozen would use in her princessy bath. It is shaped like a beautiful snowflake and is a gorgeous pink colour sprinkled in a fine glitter. Let It Glow smells really sweet and sugary with notes of candyfloss and bubblegum and is a perfect one to use for a little bit of Christmas sparkle after your bath if you want to feel like a glittering snowflake princess! 

I bought this little Igloo Bath Oil as I thought it looked really cute and I love the shimmery pearlescent finish that it has, much like the Polar Bear Plunge. This one contains menthol so it has a very fresh and icy mint scent although I was expecting it to be a little larger than it actually is! 

I bought this bath bomb when it was released a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it so I'm glad that they've brought it back to coincide with the release of Frozen 2! It's a beautiful icy blue and white bath bomb that fills your bath with creamy white and pale blue bubbles that look like something out of a winter wonderland and lots of sparkly silver glitter. This one has a really fresh scent and contains neroli and rose oil so it has a soft floral and zesty undertone too. 

I've loved the Magic Wand bubble bar from Lush for years and they have changed the design a little this time. I think this is the most princessy product out of all of the ones that I have as it looks like a little fairytale magic wand and is a pink star shape with a smaller star design in the centre. All you have to do is swirl it around your bath or under the running water and it gives you lots of fluffy pink bubbles and a gorgeous sweet scent. I also love that it is sprinkled in silver glitter and has a little pink stick. This is a perfect stocking filler for any pretty princesses who love sparkly pink bubble baths! 

Snow Fairy is one of my favourite scents from Lush but I do find that the Shower Gel can be a little bit intense and sickly for everyday use so I was really excited when I noticed that there was a bath bomb available with the same scent. This one will be perfect for a sparkly pink princess bubble bath as it smells like candyfloss and bubblegum and creates sweet pink waters for an enchanting soak. I love the cute pink and white sparkly snowflake design on one side of the bath bomb and then the other side is a gorgeous icy blue and white snowflake design and it reminds me of something from a Disney fairytale! 

This is one of my favourite products from the Lush Christmas range and I'm so glad that they've brought it back again this year! However, it does have a different scent as normally it's quite a sweet vanilla but it now has more of a sweet blackcurrant and berry scent which is actually really nice. My favourite thing about this bath bomb is that it makes your bath like a swirly pastel rainbow with lots of pink and shimmer. I usually save this one to use on Christmas Eve for a little pre-Christmas treat! 

What are your favourite products from Lush at Christmas time? 


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