Thursday, 19 December 2019

Pretty Festive Home Purchases

It probably won't come as much of a surprise to anyone that I love all things pink and glittery, so when Christmas comes around, it's the perfect time to treat yourself to some new girly pieces for your home. Seeing as I've collected a few lovely new things recently, I thought I'd pop them all together into a little Christmassy blog post...

Pink Shimmery Pearlescent Star Ornament
I spotted this beautiful baby pink shimmery star ornament in one of my local garden centres and I thought it was so pretty. I've popped it on the window ledge of our spare bedroom next to my white glitzy reindeer and I think it looks really dreamy and magical. I love the soft pearlescent sheen to it and the double star pattern which will give any room a subtle touch of girly Christmas sparkle! 

White Sequin Christmas Cushion
The first Christmas cushion which I had to include in this blog post was one which just reminds me of fairytale snowy swans and twinkling Nutcracker ballets. I bought this in a local gift shop so unfortunately I can't find anywhere to link it online but I adore the soft white velvet material and the gorgeous silver sequinned detailing. I have this one along the top of my sofa but I also think it would look lovely under your Christmas tree or on a shelf or radiator cover. 

One of the other cushions that I've chosen to include in this blog post is this beautiful white and silver snowflake design from Matalan. I added this straight to my basket as soon as I spotted it in the store as I just adore the pretty silver script font which says 'baby it's cold outside' and the glittering crystals on the dainty snowflakes. I have this one on our snuggle seat in our living room and it makes me think of drifting off to the Land of Snowflakes! 

Primark Holly The Reindeer Fluffy Toy
I promise that I'm not actually five years old but when I came across this fluffy light gold reindeer in Primark with a snowflake on her head, how could I possibly say no? She has the prettiest little silver snowflake on her ear, pink blushing cheeks and black eyelashes and would be such a sweet gift for a little one. I have her on our bed which my husband is totally thrilled about, sssh! 

Primark Clara The Swan Fluffy Toy
I actually bought this Clara The Swan fluffy toy on a separate trip to Primark from when I purchased Holly The Reindeer, after Carly told me about her on Instagram and I couldn't resist. I love swans at this time of the year as they look so whimsical and dreamy and I've popped Clara under my snowy Christmas tree in my living room next to my silver prelit presents and she looks magical. I love her enchanting sparkly silver beak and crown and the pretty white ruffled tulle detailing on her tail. 

I purchased Vienna's lovely little pumpkin mug when she opened her new Etsy shop and when she released some gorgeous Christmas mugs, I clearly couldn't resist! I bought this adorable little Christmas pudding mug which has fluttery eyelashes and a dainty little pastel holly sprig on it's head. Her artwork is so sweet and one of these mugs popped into your stocking would be the loveliest treat ~ I made a Bailey's hot chocolate in mine the other night and it was perfect sipping it next to my twinkling Christmas tree.

Every year around Christmas time, one of my favourite things to do is treat myself to The White Company's Winter Candle. I normally just buy the small size but if I could afford it, I would have a large one of these burning in every room in my house as I love the scent! It smells just like being inside a magical Christmas log cabin and has a mixture of cinnamon, orange and clove which gives it a sweet and subtle spicy scent. This one is also a lovely gift idea for any candle lover and the glass jar is so perfect to have on display too.

I actually purchased this cute little Let It Snow sign back in October as I needed it as soon as I spotted it! Matalan have the most gorgeous Christmas decor pieces and baubles available this year so I would highly recommend checking them out if you haven't already. This white wooden sign is covered in a fine iridescent glitter and has little cut out snowflakes and sparkles. It also lights up and I have it sitting on a little table next to my fireplace and it looks so wintery and cute. 

My dream cushion! I was immediately heart-eyed over this beautiful blush pink cushion as soon as I spotted it on the Laura Ashley website and added it to my never ending home decor wishlist. I already have the matching pom pom blanket which I purchased last year so when the cushion was slightly discounted, I splurged! I love the soft milky pink colour and it is made from a lovely blush velvet fabric with little cream wintery pom poms dotted around the edges. I have this in my girly space on my little pink chair next to my makeup drawers and it looks so princessy! 

Tesco White Christmas Tree Jar Candle
At this time of the year, I become even more obsessed than usual with pretty candles as I just love to make all of the rooms in my house cosy and twinkly. I spotted this pretty white Christmas tree candle in Tesco which is in the loveliest little jar adorned with glittering snowflakes and filled with snow at the bottom. I've popped this one on the radiator cover in my hallway and it looks so magical and sparkly! 

Snowflake Cookie is one of my favourite Christmas candles and I always have to treat myself to at least one jar each year. As well as loving the pastel pink colour which is perfect for girly Christmas decor, the scent is a gorgeous mix of buttercream, fluffy marshmallows, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar cookies so it has a really sugary sweet icing scent. I'm also not going to lie, I burn this one throughout January and February too and it really cheers up the cold winter months. 

I picked up this lovely Spiced White Cocoa candle from Yankee Candle last year and absolutely adored it so I had to purchase another one this year. If you love sugary sweet baking scents, you will absolutely love this one! It's described as 'warm and indulgent with swirls of cocoa topped with whipped cream and a hint of nutmeg' so it makes your home smell like a creamy white hot chocolate and festive sugar cookies.

I was having a little browse on the Yankee Candle website as they always have some lovely limited edition candles available for the different seasons and I immediately added this one to my basket as soon as I spotted it. It's called Sugar Frost Christmas and is a lovely pale creamy white chocolate shade. It's my perfect scent as it smells like a mixture of creamy vanilla, praline and sugar so it's a yummy sweet one that reminds me of sugar cookies!

I'm aware that this little blog post has mainly been about candles (oops!) but I can't help myself at this time of the year. My only wish is that we could have a Bath And Body Works store in the UK as their autumn and Christmas ranges are always amazing and I had to resort to buying these two from eBay. I treated myself to this beautiful Spiced Gingerbread candle after seeing it on Brooklyn's Instagram story as I couldn't resist the cute little gingerbread house and sugar cookie illustrations. This one smells like vanilla icing, cinnamon sugar and freshly ground nutmeg so it will make your house smell like you have been baking Christmas sugar cookies in the kitchen. 

The last item which I had to include in this post is also a Bath And Body Works candle which was featured on both Brooklyn and SL Miss Glam's Instagram. I thought the design of this one was so beautiful with the peachy pink jar illustrated with the loveliest pink crackers and champagne flutes dusted in sparkling gold glitter. I also love the silver bauble engraving on the lid of this candle and I think I'll be keeping this one for pretty festive and New Year's Eve decor. The scent of this candle is one of my favourites as it smells like a mixture of pink champagne, blackcurrant Chambord, sparkling nectarine and sugared musk so it's the perfect festive cocktail fragrance! 

I hope you've enjoyed reading about some of the lovely new homeware additions that I've collected for the festive season. Where is your favourite place to shop for girly Christmas decor? 


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